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  1. congrats man, best of luck to you and yours... if i ever get around to doing that, i want to do it while i'm relatively young and still have energy. i don't want to be like 53 (a lil extreme, i know) raising a 6 year old who needs a father who will go nuts with him doing crazy shit little kids do...then again, maybe i'll still be going nuts when i'm 53... who knows, but good luck!!
  2. Word up, things gotta run their course, for better of for worse.
  3. When it's time to check out, it's time to check out. Everyone has the right to check out.
  4. I just came five times in a row in my trillion dollar girl's eye sockets while doing 120 in a jeep doing figure 8's in a backyard all while embezzling all her loot, and leaving her to drown in the huge vats of dog piss i leave open in my basement..she's has huge tits too, they are bigger than my hummer H2
  5. Today, so far being a bum but soon I will... -Hop in the shower -Take a suit to get tailored -Practice for a couple hours -Throw on some records -Go buy beer -Go play on a friend's recital -Big hang at the after party with plenty of booze games Saturday -Recover from drunkeness -Come home, get my shit together -Go shopping for a dresser with my folks -Maybe hang with a chick before my gig -Do gig, and afterwards go see the Robots movie with a girl I know Sunday -Gig at a Church playing some funky ass, black gospelly soul kinda stuff -Gig right after that at a restaurant, where I get hooked up with dope food and look at hot girls the whole time -Relax
  6. big crap this morning thought i was all good to go back in five minutes
  7. light my farts on fire use a cigarette lighter that, or use matches my butt lint is fresh is soaks up sweat like a sponge eat it for dessert milk and sugar please battery acid is sweet if you want to die
  8. girls sniffing girl's farts go see poop man bob's thread now porn has gone too far
  9. ahem, excuse me but haiku threads have been done glad to see it back beer makes me so fat i take swigs every night girls still say i'm slim i cut my toe nails collect them on an old card they are so chewy lambs, cows, horses, ducks fish, goats, mountain lions too when i get lonely bought a ghetto watch seiko from the china man ten dollars well spent frogs
  10. I got a milkshake at Carvel tonight with a good friend of mine, and it mus suck to work at Carvel because it's just a lame job, but if you're the guy/girl behind the counter, when people order shit, like when I ordered the chocolate shake, which was off the hook by the way, the person who ordered it is watching you the whole time, so you can't fuck up at all....and this cat looked shook like he had just started and this was the first chocoalte shake he was making on his own, without the supervisors' aide or anything, but the feller did a fine job..man i love the burbs though, especially for shit like that, and after you live in the city for a while and go back to the burbs, you're like, what the fuck is wrong with everyone. especially drivers, holy shit to burbs drivers suck enormous donkey balls 10 times in a row..they got so much space but have no clue what to do with it, gah..fuckin shit.
  11. I have no idea what the fuck any of you are talking about.
  12. Wow, thanks everyone who made some penguin contributions. Thanks to all the old schoolers and what not. Check me out, I'm all elite and shit. Penguins be up to some scandalous shit: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/4292231.stm P Diddy angers animal activists Rap star P Diddy has angered animal rights activists after penguins were used as a party piece at an event he was hosting in the US. The animals were placed on a floating glass platform in a swimming pool at a hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. Animal rights group Peta has expressed concern that it was far too hot for penguins who are used to cold climates. A hotel spokesman claimed the South African penguins were a warm-weather variety trained for entertaining. A "sincere apology" was also issued to any party-goers who were offended by the display. A spokesman for the rap star, who was billed as the host of the hotel launch, said that the use of the penguins had not been P Diddy's idea. Onlookers at the party said the group of penguins on the platform were huddled together with their backs to the crowd. Peta (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) spokesman Michael McGraw said the organisation is looking into whether the incident contravened any anti-cruelty legislation. He added that the event was probably unbearable for the penguins. "They're very sensitive to temperatures, so if it was as hot as we've heard, it's a wonder they didn't collapse," he said. "In any case, they were likely terrified and at the very least it was a very bad idea," added Mr McGraw. He added that there was one species of penguin which is adapted to warm weather, but said that the birds should not be used for entertainment purposes, and urged those who attended the party to get in touch.
  13. -3K- Yeah, 3K at last. Took me 5 years almost, while it takes most other cats 5 weeks. I feel like crap though. I've had the flu for the past 3 days, though today it seems to have simmered down, temp is back to 98.6. Still, it sucks waking up every morning freezing because you're drenched in sweat, and being so dizzy you can barely walk...and my throat is fuckin killing me right now, I think my vocal cord was elongated or something because yesterday it felt like I had a piece of cereal stuck in the back of my throat the whole day. Is that even possible, for the vocal chord to get swollen or some shit like that? Anyway, I don't mean to depress you guys with my sickness, so here, I'm gonna post some stuff about penguins. Penguins The signature species of Antarctica -- the mascot, if you will -- is the penguin. There are not one but no fewer than 17 species of penguins, of which only four breed on the Antarctic continent itself. These include the Adelie, the Emperor, the Chinstrap and the Gentoo penguins. Several other species are sometimes found within the Antarctic region, and penguins are found as far north as the Galapagos Islands, straddling the equator. But in general, the link in the public imagination between Antarctica and penguins is supported by the numbers -- there are millions of nesting pairs of Chinstrap penguins alone, and they are by far the most numerous creatures in the region. Flightless Birds Penguins are flightless birds which have adapted to living in the cooler waters of the Southern Hemisphere. The 17 species of penguins found today are thought to have evolved from petrel-like flying birds some 50 million years ago. Some species spend as much as 75% of their lives in the ocean, yet they all breed on land or sea-ice attached to the land. All penguins have a very similar torpedo-shaped body form, though they vary greatly in size. Penguin wings are highly modified to form stiff paddle-like flippers used for swimming, and their feet and stubby tails combine to form a rudder. The penguin's bones are solid and heavy, which help them to remain submerged and reduce the energy needed for diving. Penguins are able to withstand the extreme cold because insulation provided by their short, densely-packed feathers forms a waterproof coat. A thick layer of fat or blubber also serves as an energy store. These adaptations, among others, enable them to minimize heat loss in icy cold waters so they can cope with the harsh conditions of the Antarctic. Behavior Penguins communicate by complex ritual behaviors such as head and flipper waving, calling, bowing, gesturing and preening. Territorial disputes lead to aggressive postures such as stares, pointing and even charging. Courtship and mating rituals include so called "ecstatic displays" where a bird, typically an unattached male, pumps his chest several times and, with his head stretched upwards and flippers akimbo, emits a harsh loud braying sound. This can result in a mass trumpeting by other males, which is believed to help synchronize the breeding cycle Locomotion Penguins are very efficient swimmers. Though they are comfortable at speeds around 5 mph (8 km/ph), some species can travel at 7 mph (12 km/ph) in short bursts. When traveling quickly, penguins will leap clear of the water every few feet -- an action called "porpoising" due to its resemblance to porpoise behavior. This enables them to breathe, and decreases their chances of being taken by a predator. Antarctic penguins have also developed the ability to leap out of the water to a substantial height on land, enabling them to reach raised ice edges or rock ledges. Penguin legs are set far down on their bodies, so they walk with a very erect posture. Ashore they are often awkward, waddling and hopping over rocks; on snow they sometimes push themselves along on their stomachs Movie of penguin locomotion.
  14. Man, I was hanging out with a friend this past weekend, and I asked him some question which required a yes or no answer, and he just lifted up his leg and answered with a fart, which sounded like "uh huh", or "uh oh"...oh man, it was just disgusting but I couldn't stop laughing.
  15. Yeah, kids used to do that at my school all the time, silly fucks.
  16. I gotta check out that dried fruit tip, cuz supposebally you get something like 10 times what you would get from regular ol' fruit, eaten undried, dig? I try to pack lunch as much as I can because it just saves me some cash that can go towards subway fare and coffee's throughout the day. I usually pack turkey sandwich with munster cheese, some mayo, and lettuce, on toasted wheat bread. It's all about the toasted bread, keeping whatever you got inbetween nice and fresh and the bread keeps it's shape more, without getting all squished up. I usually pack in some chips if I got em at home, and always an apple and a banana cuz they'll come in handy throughout the day. Cookies are the shit too, just because it makes me feel happy having dessert after lunch, just relaxes me or something, I dunno why but it's nice.
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