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  1. Lil St Tittyballs With runners up to garden hoe for them huge tatas
  2. 'Round here we call that "Toy Finger"
  3. ASER1NE

    Mars has water

    If there was ANY intelligent life on mars we would have seen it by now, microscopic bacteria doesnt count because who fucking cares
  4. Salsa needs to have beans and or corn niblits in it for me , or else its just squished tomatoes.
  5. Couldnt agree more with the lameness factor
  6. I often forget some of you ppl have kids....Scary.
  7. I dont, those thing bite alot and it hurts like fucking hell
  8. Pizza hut is damn good, maybe your taste buds are just crappy.
  9. Buying a car real soon, like maybe tomorrow. Import.
  10. Broke it off with the gf of 3 years yesterday, it sucked big time.
  11. The Presidents choice brand at superstore, seriously though.
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