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  1. good to see shits not in melbourne meh
  2. wher the fresh jive of '07???
  3. PICTURE ME ROLLIN ON A FAT FIRE EXTINGUISHER **so let's not start some stupid fucking trend before i have to ban you both
  4. carefag was renowned for being the first semi clover in a anthropoligististic.... i dont care im making up bullshit
  5. like bruce lee said if you put water in the cup it becomes the cup.
  6. make sure you wear a pez on your head it can make a stunning impression
  7. are you drunk yet! i want to see fortnightly through your eyes
  8. it means you will die and laugh at the same time
  9. almost but i told it that if it proceeded i would take it to a dentist, the stupid fuck backed down
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