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  1. Lil St Tittyballs With runners up to garden hoe for them huge tatas
  2. 'Round here we call that "Toy Finger"
  3. ASER1NE

    Mars has water

    If there was ANY intelligent life on mars we would have seen it by now, microscopic bacteria doesnt count because who fucking cares
  4. Salsa needs to have beans and or corn niblits in it for me , or else its just squished tomatoes.
  5. Couldnt agree more with the lameness factor
  6. I often forget some of you ppl have kids....Scary.
  7. I dont, those thing bite alot and it hurts like fucking hell
  8. Pizza hut is damn good, maybe your taste buds are just crappy.
  9. Buying a car real soon, like maybe tomorrow. Import.
  10. Broke it off with the gf of 3 years yesterday, it sucked big time.
  11. The Presidents choice brand at superstore, seriously though.
  12. Ive written off the Zune because microsoft has a tendancy to make things half assed
  13. Heres some photos.. Creative zen vision M Creative zen vision W Toshiba Gigabeat
  14. So Im fixin to buy a PVP pretty soon bc my crappy mp3 player is a piece of shit and I might as well upgrade to something that seems cooler. Barring any unforseen suggestions Ive narrowed it down to these options that I cant decide between because I dont fucking know shit about these fancy things: -The popular but often complained about Ipod Video (60 or 80 gb) -Creative Zen Vision M (60gb) -Creative zen Vision W (60gb) -Toshiba gigabeat S (60gb) First All I want to do is DL movies and music from the interweb and put them on one of these devices as easily as possible. The whole ITunes thing sounds like a fucking hassle only being able to get music through one source. Or so it seems from what I know. These other options all have different positives and negatives that are nothing short of confusing. So I figure who better to make my choice more informed than the 12oz peanut galleria, Anybody have any of these things, Is it awesome, does it suck monkey balls? Is my information just wrong bc ive been trying to read the differences for the past 2 hours? Who knows...please let me in on the secret
  15. ASER1NE


    I have yet to meet a single person who isnt atleat slightly racist.
  16. I heard on some tech tv show that the creative M was the hot shit , built in fm radio blah blah blah.
  17. Whatever is the least painfull , The pills and booze sound okay.
  18. ASER1NE


    http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=106763&highlight=suicide+girls n00b.
  19. The cat in that jar is the best thing ive seen all day. Awesome
  20. I see them green BN's way too often...
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