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  1. Vivre


    baaaahhhhh, havent been on here in forever... http://soundcloud.com/formulad/knad-cameron-brown
  2. definitely not for the attention deficit crowd
  3. i don't think making 'pr0phet' is going to work out, we're struggling to keep up the twelve
  4. i cant confirm ball touching, but i wouldn't rule it out
  5. looking at cokes just makes me thirsty
  6. Vivre

    Dear ________,

    Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear kinda ugly ho that likes me, ill bang you as long as you tell no one. -apdfanclub ps: i know your going to tell everyone, so just know i'll deny that shit till i die
  7. Austin police department fan club, yes homo
  8. i never said xenu represented nambla. nambla was representing itself on xenu's piece
  9. http://www.drawball.com/7jqn7gd nambla representing in center page
  10. are we just saying fuck the bubbles outline?
  11. well, the oz was puked on. fuck. i feel like a part of vandal squad
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