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  1. hit me up on aim - sonset graffiti need to ask you something.
  2. the type of file specified does not have a handler. ^^thats what it says when i try loading the file to the converter.... im using Fade2Black or some shit...haha....ive used several other converters and got the same result..... ?? ? ?
  3. george w. bush and your jesus..
  4. what the fuck......none mentioned Pharoahe Monch.
  5. wREk OnE

    Cannizzle Ox

    anyone have the new cannibal ox track called Cosmos??? i cant find it on kazaa
  6. 1. 56K 2. school/home 3. hotmail
  7. wREk OnE


    there is no track called This Is Life on aziatic i think your talking about Paradise.... dont know who produced it though... owe nothing, wont ask to hold nothing clean behind the scene, but control buttons brought it back for the essence that got watered in rap cus I'm an aura I bring more to a track
  8. monteray is wack as fuck, so you didnt miss much on that one, a bunch of pale faced rich people.
  9. theyre ugly. they have no body.. and no i wouldnt hit that......what the fuck...they look like theyre 12...
  10. download.... Immortal Technique - Dance With The Devil now..
  11. new gangstarr.....its iLLLness http://www.soundclick.com/bands/5/gangstar...ownerzmusic.htm ^click now keep it jesus.
  12. favorite james brown tracks???......list them.... one of mine has to be Papa Dont Take That Mess!
  13. LL did not get canibus with that worthless track......LL pretty much just flipped every single one of canibus' lines. which is a bitch move. and...no one has shit on Rakim, so whats your point?... keep it jesus.
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