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  1. it still really hurts getting shot with one of those things. :o
  2. your girl is pretty rad. i still feel bad for flaking on her last time she came to visit. :o
  3. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread is it this? if so, you can eat it with lumpia, eggrolls, pork.....and i think thats what i usually eat it with. love that stuff though!
  4. yea try this one! Vietnamese press claim that that the boy is named Pham Quang Sang and will be renamed Pax Thien Jolie. Pax means "peace" in Latin and Thien is "sky" in Vietnamese. Local press also reports that Jolie's new son cried and hid during the official ceremony, and that the actress comforted him in Vietnamese. Jolie's other adopted son, Maddox, was also present. Jolie and her two children finished the ceremony by 10 a.m. local time and then returned to their hotel.
  5. i can thread jack high society's threads. what would he do? nothing. i even punched him once and what did he do? okay he punched me back but i had it first.
  6. im pretty normal! well i think i am...i mean i have some tattoos...no weird peircings. i dress up a lot (skirts, pretty dresses, heels) because im corporate. and im pretty nice...sometimes. im not a pot head or a drunk anymore. and im a mom, that makes home made meals with mashed potatoes and gravy and makes home made cookies. if you had asked me this question a couple of years ago, i would have had a completely different answer.
  7. noooooooooo :bawling: pandas are pretty bad ass though.
  8. does she have postpartum depression? i mean, not to defend her lazy parenting but maybe thats why she smokes weed. or she could just be a complete dumbass and im sorry for insulting her but thats my take on it. and no, 7 months is not too early. by 7 months that little girl should be able to follow your face, react to voices, blabber, smile, drool, touch, raise her hands when she wants to be carried, be able to crawl, start eating pureed foods, hell...even starting to pull herself up on furniture!....etc. well, thats what my son was doing when he was 7 months old. i just dont understand it when people dont take on the full responsibility of being a parent. or just simply dont care of the well being of their offspring.
  9. that makes me so angry. do women not care about healthy babies anymore? or read up on what not to do when you are pregnant? it must not be common sense for some people i guess. fuck.
  10. ive gone straight edge. okay i lied. i had pot like a week ago. it isnt the same.
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