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yinz n'at

earmarks and old side names

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so i go to my parents house for dinner tonight and my pops tosses me the usa today from today. an article about 'earmarks to nowhere' graces the cover with some dudes walking under a bridge and a piece i painted is in the background.


many questions.


should i read it? why read the article when i already saw the good part..


will i be able to polish off the rest of this wine by 7 pm? its been a fast paced drinking night so far.


i painted the word SHAQ at one point in my life, 6 years ago and only wrote it once, maybe i should have done more so more national publications wuold pick it up...


anyway if you care about shitty straight letters under rickety bridges or the government fucking up tons of loot in wasted earmarks this is for you.





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I've never understood what earmarks are. I try to keep very ignorant about politics though. Please, don't try to explain anyone.







Do I dare to watch Kazaam now that I'm no longer 10 years old?


Edit: This is the first review on netflix:

This has to be the greatest movie of all time, hands down this movie has no competition in the category of best movie ever.

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Shaq is truly God's gift to the world. He can sing, he can act, he can toss free throws. Let's face it, the man can do it all.


Kazaam is a movie unlike any other. Now some would say that Shaq's acting is so wooden he could play Pinnochio, but I argue with that. Shaq was playing a genie, a magical, rapping, abracadabra, hocus-pocus genie. The hippest, illest, defest, genie you ever laid eyes on. It is not for us to rate this film, it is for us to thank Shaq for taking the time to make this movie.


Now some would say that he can't even act his way through a 30 second commercial for Nestle Crunch or Burger King. I argue the point again. Shaq has the intelligence and mastery of the English language that we mortals can only hope to achieve. He is the reigning king of entertainment.


Others will also say that the man is slightly retarded and that if not for his great height, he would be lucky to ride the back of a garbage truck in Chicago as a sanitation engineer. I say those people have a real attitude problem.


Shaq can do it all. I am looking forward to his opera album, his cooking show, his line of BVD briefs, and last but certainly not least, I am looking forward to Shaq teaming up with Ice-T. Shaq will take over lead guitar duties for the reformed Body Count. Of course I hope his Broadway run doesn't interfere with the world tour.


Rock on Shaq, it's your world. We only breathe your air.

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there are a few people trying to fix the earmark mess so when the money is unused it reverts back to the federal budget


but make no mistake, earmarks are only a tiny portion of the federal budget

it's interest on the natl debt, social security and defense that chew up the biggest sums of cash


..now back to your regularly scheduled gif

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Shaqs crib was the best one on that show


Fool had a custom made circular Cali king mattress




ps: Aries Spears as Shaq on The Jim Rome Show via MadTV .jpeg

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