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  1. @mr.yuckFor me, just a motel to sleep and let the kids swim. Not nearly as cool as yours. Headed to MO to see my sister and then on to Denver.
  2. I’ve gone roadkill again. CT>San Diego. Currently in Bowling Green.
  3. Pretty happy about this thread. If anyone wants to see pages, let me know.
  4. Watching this 11.22.63. Liking Sarah Gadon. Kids are in bed and I am enjoying the relaxation and a Malbec from a box.
  5. 2010 I did a road trip from Denver back here to CT with my then gf, now wife. I used Ch0 to reach out to folks on the way for places to crash. Danny reached out and told me to swoop through Pittsburgh and that became the highlight of the trip.. no offense Omaha, that was fun too. We got there, he invited us in to his home, told me it was his birthday and that there was a night planned. We went and grabbed lunch at a diner he had done the window painting for (don't remember which). He took us to Games'N'at to play pinball and candlestick. We left and walked down to the river, made a fire, drank whiskey (maybe just me), introduced me to the crew and whoever else happened to be camped out there. We ended up swimming in that dirty ass water, having a damn good time and better conversation. That dude made us breakfast the next morning, bid farewells and gave me a canvas and a coloring book to take along.. sent me postcards the years following. We weren't close, I'm not claiming that at all, but I wanted to back up all the kind things I've read on here about YINZ. He was an amazing person, made quite the impression on us and I am thankful for the hospitality, and kindness he showed. RIP.
  6. Yes it’s public school lunch pizza. It’s not old if frozen. I think anyway.
  7. @LUGRHe better not. Kinda strikes me as something that fuckin weirdo would do though. @NightmareOnElmStreet?
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