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  1. Damn there is a lot involved in this. The shirt is good. Heavy. Solid. I want the tag to let me know it's there and doesn't care about me all that much. That's how I know a shirt is going to stick with me through some shit. 12oz shirts haven't left me yet.
  2. Came all the way here to say shut up, NOES. @NightmareOnElmStreet
  3. The other downside is living the straight and narrow because all could be lost if I fucked it up, so that's a thing.
  4. Since it was brought up earlier, I might be able to provide a little insight on my military experience. I joined the Navy in 2006, volunteered for Submarine service as a Sonar Technician and am still in, recently got my Chief anchors pinned on. It's been quite an experience and in retrospect if I hadn't gone with submarines it likely would not have been for me. I was 19 when I joined (so 32 now), barely got through high school, was delivering food in Denver and was completely broke. Saw it as a way out due to me having a crippling fear of student loans or debt in general.
  5. She puts mad effort in though.. albeit not all executed properly. Eyebrows, nails.. being at the gym. s.
  6. Swimmin hole, brought my two sons to a fest of bouncy castles, friend smoked some meats and I invited NOES over for garlic ice cream.
  7. yeah, I’m in the bed mode rotating ice packs, but my droog that just went through it gave me his packs that he used. Process that one, misteraven.
  8. Procedure wasn’t that bad. The pulling shit out of my body that never moves was uncool, but I’m fucking hurting right now.
  9. An ACE flexible ice pack for my junk in preparation for a vasectomy on Thursday.
  10. Sitting on a couch wasting time while stuck in Helensburgh, Scotland for the night. Drinking a pint.
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