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Soulja Boy: cool with slavery?

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Haha yeah okay you couldn't get your ice and bling and millions of your people wouldn't be stuck in Section 8 housing eating cheese sandwiches three meals a day and peddling crack to support kids they had at 15 with next to no federal support. Sounds like a fantastic trade off...didn't this dude chomp African drum shit for one of his songs too?


What a retard.

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Hes an ignorant piece of shit. Funny thing is he might have more native american and/or other indian than african.



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probably trying desprately to keep his name in the news

hes a 1 hit wonder with no talent. Spent all his money

on retarded chains

Look at it like this. If he had the money he would probably

just buy another stupid chain to get is face back in the magazines

but im guessing he spent it. He lacks the skill to make a song

that will get him recognition so he decided to say something

so remarkable that it has to be commented on


no publicity is bad publicity

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when rappers speak, why does the world even bother to listen?


thats exactly it, from two standpoints really.


one, just because you have a record deal doesnt make you a role model or intellegent. especially in rap where careers are built on lying about drug dealing, murder and abusing bitches.


its hella fucked when you think about it, like. usually with trends you can compare current ones to old ones from previous generations.


with rap, you really cant compare it to anything, at all in terms of lyrical content.


the only thing i can really compare whats popular about whats being talked about in rap is maybe video games and the killing and whatever else is involved with certain games.


that being said, i listen to rap and i dont play video games. not for any other reason than my attention span is that of a 2nd grade autistic retard.


but i find it funny when i hear about some people coming down so hard on rap and how stupid it is what they talk about, not because that is far fetched or incorrect. but because more often times than not these people are glued to grand theft auto when they get home and listening to music about hell awaiting and dead babies.


not all obviously, but alot.


ps:i quoted casek because more pople should think about that for a second, why is it that people care so much when an uneducated dude from the hood whom talks about selling drugs and murdering people says something stupid.


shit should be a fuckin given its gonna be a regualr occurance.

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and another angle is, though doesnt make it any more respectable to some of you is what if... dudes just having fun with the media and the publics perception.


i mean, seriously. could you imagine the shit that would come out of my mouth if i was granted the ability to be quoted everytime i opened my pie hole, video taped everytime i walked to the store of written about everytime i eat at a restaraunt.


it would be rediculous the shit i would come up with to say just to make myself grin.


and on the flip side, from a negative viewpoint. could you imagine being quoted everytime you spoe? it would be DISASTEROUS for most people. thus why sports figures/muscians/celebrities pay out huge money for publicists/lawyers/representatives to issue statements for them aswell as being coached on how to speak.


thats why id just say fuck that and go Kanye West. say what i wantweather its good or bad. have fun with the publics perception. create buzz. sit back and cake.


shit, thats what i do on here everyday.

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