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  1. Re: Dear ________, - no homo Dear PBW, this made my day. thanks, eon
  2. yeah i haven't benched in a few months but the i used to go to is blown because kids painted the pillars on the bridge that goes over the yard. the yard now has cameras you can only flick the outside line or else you risk getting rolled on by feds and spending the weekend in lock up for felony trespassing.
  3. Taft used to a be a great yard but now its so hot because of stupid toys painting the pillars under the bridge and leaving tops, cans, and caps on the ground. CSX has now installed cameras and feds will throw anybody in jail for even trespassing. You can mostly thank that idiot Sabor for painting the pillars and buildings next to the yard. I used to able to go into that yard in the day without a problem and walk away with 50+ flicks on average of quality panels, end to ends, etc. Now you're lucky if you don't get hassled for taking flicks of panels on the outside line. This thread is an example of how many kids in Orlando don't know a damn thing about yard etiquette or even common sense for that matter.
  4. skeme's characters and duster's letters.
  5. if you mean smoking out a car. true. tpbm has to piss.
  6. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear cos, get a life. and stop following me around. its sad eon
  7. false. never heard of it. tpbm owns a musical instrument
  8. true. awesome movie. tpbm likes war movies.
  9. don't care. tpbm hates arrogant washed up shit talking has been writers.
  10. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear christeeeeezy, Thats a tough situation, your sister sounds like an idiot that shouldn't have the ability to have kids. Hell I'd say adopt her if your financial situation wasn't so strapped. Lesbian love children are adorable. Best of luck to you and the little girl. God Bless. Eon
  11. false. i don't read as much as i should tpbm can name 5 reporting marks for freights. (i.e. BNSF,BNFE,BN, etc.)
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