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  1. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    The Arguement Thread

    ya... i tried. said it over n over in fact. it is what it is, and i aint want to back down. so. whatevs. im sure ill be banned by morning. again. and these two foolz will be sitting in front they screens grinding they teeth reading my posts still on here. comedy.
  2. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    Appreciation For Amputee Women......................

    its interesting looking at these girls. its like, there missing body parts, but the still have pussy's. and they still need to get there pussys stuffed. its interesting and conjurs up curious thoughts about what would be going thru my head as i fucked them. would i be ooking at them as equals, or justtrying to degrade them. im not sure, but what i do know is that they have vaginas. probably shaved aswell. and probably tighter that most do to being shy, at least early on in life anyways, and not getting pounded as much.
  3. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    christmas shitlists....

    i like that track
  4. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    post your meals photo superpooperthread!!

    absolute shit.
  5. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    The Nonsense thread

    whyd they have to ruin that with some stupid message about not shooting black kids
  6. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    2009 Channel Zero awards!

    i just propped him too and gave him a compliment. your a darkhorse swindle because of your newish, but a horse none the less. NH
  7. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    christmas shitlists....

  8. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    2009 Channel Zero awards!

    Ya the freemasons thread undoubtably delicered a xcalidascope of bizarre unravalings. It was a rollercoaster to all involved aswell as all onlooking. There were alotta good ones this year that are escaping my mind at this present moment but I'm not sure any had the impact that the freemasons one did. And shit. It took out the biggest name in channel zero. Wild one to say the least.
  9. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    2009 Channel Zero awards!

    boris would def be a nominee for posting hottest bitches. i just cant cast that vote for all them huge assed women you love so much dunny. personal choice. but yer inscribed on the ballot.
  10. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    NFL 2009 Superthread

    hopefully yer guys will start playing before the fourth quarter next time.
  11. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    2009 Channel Zero awards!

    that was awful, and went horribly wrong for young eon.
  12. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    2009 Channel Zero awards!

    Most Homo quote (/NH) : "Peeing outdoors is not only sneaky, but makes you feel liberated" Theo fucking Huxtable Best ghost attachment: i was beefing with someone and they got ghost edited with another version of my current name E-Thuggin' Da' Harde$t: TreSix0/Kimjung Best win: me snatching 11 green tictacs and vip within a month Best Fail: me on huxtables macros statement?!? :) Most bans and returns: umm... no comment. Most likely to be perma-banned: apparently Dao Most valuable poster: prolly huxtable. or dao. Best thread: "SIX YEAR OLD GIRL GETS SHOT DEAD BY PHILADELPHIA POLICE FOR CRYING TO LOUD" Best poster of the best hot chicks: Vulcan... hands down. Person most likely to be a famous writer: ms.seyer Person most likely to be a cop: melino FuNnIeSt OoNtZeR: moogle types shit i laugh at Favorite Channel Zero moment of '09: WHEN I STOLE CALICOCAKE'S NAME FROM ACROSS THE CONTINENT IN ANOTHER COUNTRY AND HAVING NEVER MET HIM OR SPOKEN TO HIM BEFORE HAND.
  13. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    NFL 2009 Superthread

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh man WHAT THE FUCK:lol: nick folk!!!!! hahahahahahaha did you see those highlights they showed of him pregame missing everything he fucking touched LOL he's done. career = ovaaah
  14. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    Need more monies

    start a line:) shit start two... haha.
  15. ...HSAMSnoytiC

    NFL 2009 Superthread

    im smelling some brees magic coming on. saints may end up in the win column yet.