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  1. True tpbm thinks i should just quit
  2. Im never on 12oz as I much as I used to be but for the past year or so dis mafucka abcs negaprops me when ever he gets a chance because of a disagreement we had about hip-hop I think or something anyways its just fuckin annoying. So I come on channel zero a few days ago and dude has a thread like "yea this kid sold me out 8 years ago I seen em in Ferndale and was gonna kick his ass but then I didnt blah, blah, blah" So I'm like o dude from Detroit. So im thinking like damn how to resolve this? it pops in my head like "friendly Boxing Match". I hold no serious resentment against dude at all and to me it sounds like fun. We could make bets, post the vid on 12oz or whatever. Im game.
  3. false tpbm goes to community college
  4. Scared money dont make no money, u kno tpbm has to drop a deuce
  5. false tpbm knows what a Yelawolf is?
  6. True, never heard of dude but I mean The Rock vs. a chef? Tpbm saw Inception and thought it was dope
  7. You are tho but the most intelligent of them
  8. yea i got a newer one like the one the bank robbers wore in Hancock. I also have a Jason Mask tpbm thinks its cool to fuck friends' sisters
  9. True, Let the right one in. Tpbm has broken a bone
  10. Detroit=Black People, Faygo, Loosy's and Buses.
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