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  1. Port-A-John Enthusiest


    If you dont know, now you know.
  2. Port-A-John Enthusiest

    the TOY paint thread...

    He paints cleaner, with nicer paint, all his letters are fitting and within the rule of the next one, his 3d/shadow is on point, and has better letter structure than 90% of you..yet you still talk shit? Yo, maybe its not that great..but for the toy thread? Shit, thats good stuff..keep at it Vossy. These kids are clowns and most of them dont know what the hell they're talking about. They're some of the shittiest writers on the face of the planet and they still find room to harshly crit. other people. Just work on some nice letters and you'll be set up, you paint great.
  3. Port-A-John Enthusiest


  4. Port-A-John Enthusiest


    hahaha, isn't that the fucking truth! (Cubs comment)
  5. Port-A-John Enthusiest

    Toys post here...

    That first throw looks nice Freak, give that one a paint. The other stuff looks good too. The second one im not so much for. Work on painting and things and i think you'll have it made. You have to paint, and youre to the point where you need to paint. it'll help you develop your letters more and bring new ideas to you. If you dont paint you can't develop any, you can only bring your letters so far on paper..so maybe give that a go.
  6. Port-A-John Enthusiest

    Toys post here...

    His high lights are all over the place, no definative light source. Regardless he should go paint it because it looks okay. :ballcap:
  7. Port-A-John Enthusiest

    Canvas Thread

    This deserves a bump. You guys dont know what youre sleeping on with Wali.
  8. Port-A-John Enthusiest

    Toys post here...

    Isn't that always your excuse for crap? :ballcap:
  9. Port-A-John Enthusiest


    Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD When i first saw DieHard4, i thought that the toll booth was bullshit...ive now been proven wrong. Never will i let my poor judgement doubt the awesomeness of JohnMcclain.
  10. Port-A-John Enthusiest

    The Nonsense thread

    That newspaper thing...wow.
  11. Port-A-John Enthusiest

    Canvas Thread

    I like seeing what Wali is working on.
  12. Port-A-John Enthusiest


    Took the words right out of my mouth. :ballcap:
  13. Port-A-John Enthusiest

    Daily Sketch Thread.

    Hey guys, its been awhile. I check this thread all the time...haven't had alot of time to put up drawings or anything. Everything looks really good. Little before class drawing, and some new stickers i've been making. Maybe we'll do an assignment coming up here. Haven't been too well, i was going to do the drawing of the space we work in. I think i might still do that one. Plus the motion one was a great idea too..
  14. Port-A-John Enthusiest

    Jay Thunderbolt !

  15. Port-A-John Enthusiest

    Jay Thunderbolt !

    Maybe hes just that enthusiastic abotu partying for free?