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  1. I fucking love zines. If anyone has any for sale or trade HMU!
  2. ^^^ I used to skate with a dude who went there. He makes things out of wood. Like pretty much anything you can make out of wood, and says its an awesome school! Im a fine arts major but I am focussing on illustration, design, printmaking, and painting.
  3. You don't necessarily need to have a "theme" that joins the work together. You are going to want to send them your strongest work, whatever that may be. A self portrait is a super traditional staple of a student portfolio, so you may want to include one. Bigger=Better is misleading, it might actually be detrimental to your work if you just rush into painting huge canvas's for the sake of scale. If you feel like you have a strong grasp of what makes up a good composition, you can make a smaller canvas feel more open. You should study cubism, not necessarily to recreate that aesthetic, but
  4. Flying Coffin tank Levis cut offs Red Chuckz
  5. ^^^ That show had the best costume design ever.
  6. Dude twin peaks is the best show ever. Well maybe not, but its really awesome. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. I like all of those dood. Smashed Tangerine that illustration is killer. Rolley, I feel like the top is too strong for the bottom, it makes it seem unresolved. I think you should bring in darker tones down there maybe. Something strong to pull it together.
  8. The painting is done bro, although you may want to cut back on that white splatter on his face
  9. I like the mountains and the grass and the dear. Edit (and the water)
  10. http://sanslechien.tumblr.com/ Why are there 20 guests hanging out in le thread? I would post seperate images but it would be a waste of space, peep some of the stuff I have been working on lately above. Mercer that shits cray. half man half robot prisoner all on acid.
  11. Public enemy is there collage work going on there or did you paint the bacgrounds or is that how the collab worked? I like the final effect you can get lost in them, they hall have a lot of depth in a really abstract sense. But they are all really illustrative. Overall very cool.
  12. Uploaded with ImageShack.us still life from class, oil.
  13. Also not just art school, but college in general, is more about connections than learning. You can pick up ANY book about ANYTHING and learn it dude, but that doesnt really matter. You have to be actively making connections. or whatever.
  14. What I have learned in recent times is a lot of things have a lot more to do with yourself and your abilities than your college. If you're an amazing artist, dope, but no one will really care if you are a total asshole, or if you are a total asshole, you have to make that marketable. And then a lot has to do with connections, no one ever really gets anywhere on there own. I think if you have the determination and drive to accomplish a goal, you should go for it. But there will probably be a lot of setbacks, and you should be ready to roll with the punches brah. Worst case sce
  15. So like, make sure your moms isn't listening. All alone? Okay. So the idea behind this was to create a plot driven rap album, that told the story of a fictional rap group (IV.League) and there misadventures in time travel, with the music industry, etc. And so yeah, thats what we did. I think its pretty neat, but then again I worked on it for a hot minute. It shows the groups progression to uber fame and the horrible ramifications as a result of that. Including death, rebirth, etc. So yeah lemme know what you think, its FREE! its satirical, and fun. http://illestvillainsleague.bandc
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