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Vulc, if you're a bit jealous...it's alright haha


just for fun, a quote from the man himself...


"Nigga I posted the fucking Britanica definition of a canine over, and over, and over again in this thread and in the Eagles are gangster thread."


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I just went to check out the top posters and DAO has a average post count per day that will put him at the top if he keeps it up. I thought about writing an equation to figure out approximately when he will take the crown from seeking but am a little hung over and not in the mood.

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Her name was Amy.

She lived in Jersey.

I met her at a Sick Of It All show at the Trocadero sometime in the mid-late 90's.

Her and her friend came back to my apartment after the show to spend the night like naughty little teenage girls do.

I guess her friend wasn't too naughty though, cause she just slept on the floor next to my bed and fingerbanged herself while I railed Amy. We tried to get her to join in, but she wanted to be faithfull to her boyfreind. So she just watched and jerked off.


Amy's pussy was so tight that I actually had trouble putting my cock inside her. Apparently I was the second dude she ever fucked, and the first guy didn't do too much work. Nigga was probably some highschool kid with a little dick /nh. She said I was the first guy to make her cum.


I kept her as a booty call on and off throughout the years. At one point she thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend, so I had to fall back from her for a while. But I'd always come back for some of that Amy pussy. Amy really knew how to fuck, and if she wasn't so young I'd probably have made her my girl. But she was mad young and a little off her rocker.

I've always looked alot younger than I am, so her parents thought I was around her age and had no problem with us hanging out alone in the basement "watching movies".


Amy was a freak. One time She was riding me on the couch in her parents basement with her parents right upstairs watching TV in the living room, and then she gets up and a fucking shit-ton of blood pours out of her pussy and all over me. I'm not talking period type blood, but like I tore a fucking artery somewhere in her pussy type blood. She starts freaking out cause it's all over the fucking place and there's no paper towels or nothing to clean it up with, and no way of hiding the fact that there's blood running down her fucking legs and all over my whole pelvic area. I'm sweating bullets cause her folks are upstairs and her pops is a big motherfucker. And I aint trying to go to jail for shredding this underage broads insides with my grown man cock. I think she eventually found a towel in the closet or something and we did our best to clean up the mess, then she shoved it up her skirt and somehow made it upstairs and past her pops and to the second floor bathroom to clean up. Her moms was wise to something being wrong though and came up to see what was wrong and she told her she got her period or some shit. Her mom figured out that we were fucking when this happened, but was a champ about it. I guess being as she thought I was alot younger than I actually was at the time worked in my favor.


Last time I saw Amy, I was in the area and decided to stop by and catch up. By coincidence she had just been visiting her parents after living on the west coast for a while. I never even knew she had bounced. We went and hung out in some park and she told me all these crazy stories of being a recovered junkie, and being a fucking call girl in SF who was frequented by alot of pro skateboarders. I was amazed at how much my little Amy had grown up, and what a little cockwhore she had become. She told me she's a stripper now. And that there's video of her sucking her ex's cock floating around somewhere on the internet, but she wouldn't tell me how to find it.


She had grown into an even sexier woman than she was when she was a teenager. She was 22, and had a seriously smoking body, with a ridiculous ass. I banged her up against a tree in the park that day for old times sake. And then again a couple days later before she had to get a flight back to Cali. Her pussy had sure come a long way from that night back in the 90's after the Sick Of It All show, when I could barely fit my dick inside her. She said that she loved me, and that we're probably going to end up getting married when we're in our 50's.

I don't see that happening, but I do still think about her from time to time and wonder how she's doing. I hope she's doing well. And not getting payed to fuck pro skateboarders. Or being a junkie stripper.

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Champagne corks and gunshots in the air. Glasses clinking and shell casings landing on the concrete of the internet.




if each post was your 2 cents you would have 400 dollars.

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dudes only been on here for 2 years... thats a lil extremem posting that much


prolly had a least 20 on the old name too..

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