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  1. way to reward and accommodate fucking fatasses like this. if you want to fly or do shit like this, lose some fucking weight. no one else wants to have to suffer because your life is a wreck.
  2. :rolleyes: go do some coke and listen to joe buddens. maybe we'll get another "my life sucks" thread. i'm gonna go out on a saturday instead of sitting around trying to be an e-thug on the internet :lol:
  3. you're missing a grasp on how little your opinion matters
  4. not when you get your burritos triple wrapped with three scoops of rice and double meat. actually i usually eat like damn horse. any excuse for a played-out joke i guess...
  5. not that impressive but i've eaten a chipotle burrito then a burger and large fry from 5 guys like 3-4 hours apart
  6. waaaah, i have to relight my cigarette because people want to save lives. what faggots.
  7. i love my ipod touch/itunes /knowsthatyoudon'tcare
  8. i could see myself doing this, i love baked beans. with bacon, i presume?
  9. i can destroy some wings, but its the spicy sauce that fucks with me. i got the mango habanero the other day, shit is delicious but burrrrns
  10. interestingly enough my first tape and first cd (that i can remember) are the same license to ill. still listen to it pretty often
  11. not really a blog but i check this every week day http://5secondfilms.com/
  12. what's a good forearm workout? i already do reverse curls, but i need to add something...
  13. Re: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat... Permabanned?? Channel Zero is Slippin as much as i like the idea of this argument, DAO posted em himself in the 4 dead cops thread
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