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  1. Yeah man, that would be killer. Hook it up.
  2. I guess so, I'm an high school grad. They pretty much told me that all high school grads can't get into the marine corps. So here i sit and wait, while in the mean time doing my physical training. I appreciate all the helpful advise. Thank you. Not to be cliche and corny, but I wan't to be apart of the "Few and the Proud" Why settle for second best. FIFO First In First Out. I have also memorize all my enlisted ranks and my 11 general orders, I'm already two steps ahead of most of the poolies in my pt group. Many of them have been in there for months and haven't memorized shit. I did it all in two days.
  3. Thank you sir, and trust me I want to earn it. I have a long time until I go into boot camp. I also had no idea that wal-mart sold that shit. Good call. p.s I'll be going to CA.
  4. PentiumOrange


    So I'm joining the United States Marine Corps. I already have a recruiter, yet my DEP ( Delayed Enlistment Program ) is set for 9 months because the Marine Corps is full. I just got back from PT (Physical Training) and I have realized that all the cigarette smoking is catching up to me. I literally threw up after running 1.5 miles in 12 mins. YES I AM OUT OF SHAPE! Since I have 9 months to get into shape I just wanted some information from either Marines or Health nuts on what's a good way to build cardio/workout routine. Any Marines out there with any helpful information would be much appreciated. Any other comments that are full of shit will be ignored so don't waste your time. This is a serious issue not to be looked upon for comical reasoning. So far I can run a 1.5 mile in 12 mins. 31 crunches in 2 mins and I can barely do a Marine dead hang pull-up. Please help, lol.
  5. Alts, love those toons man.
  6. ESO...that avik is dope fire.
  7. I had a work shirt on. But sadly were not cool enough for the internet.
  8. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... I know a lot of you like these. 1. They are fucking disgusting 2. They resemble fecal matter 3. Any type of artificial chocolate candy sucks 4. I do enjoy the lollipops every once in a while, I just never get to "3" if you know what I mean.
  9. Dude HELM is wicked, where is that cat from?
  10. Jesus, this makes me want to start tattooing. My fucking 95 y/o great grandmother could tattoo an ass better than this shit. I only have one. I am thinking twice now about getting more lol.
  11. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread..........................
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