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  1. sweet holy fucking jesus , I came out of hibernation to request an original link for this. gimme.
  2. I dont post things because they're current , I just post things I like. Someone sent that in & I had never seen it so I stuck it up. As far as people talking about the stolen photography thing , the majority of sites are made up of stolen photos , isn't that what 12oz is? I constantly credit photographers / do writeups on photographers & give exposure to upcoming young photographers . The random photo post are made up of 100s of photos people sent me in weekly , a lot are photos which they take themselves & want to see on the site. If you really checked the site you would
  3. Yeah trying my hardest to find out too.
  4. one of my favourites , cinematography is on point
  5. He is not in jail for graffiti . & If the secrete service were involved & he's facing up to 15 years it's definitely not graffiti . I'm curious to find out what it is too but nobody knows. I managed to interview him yesterday anyway. Check it out http://fucknfilthy.com/2011/01/22/an-interview-with-prisoner-63906054/
  6. Good to see people still posting! Loving this
  7. It is real , people know who he is . Amazing reading.
  8. Im here.. Image uploader is being a pick though , photo's will have to wait a bit.
  9. Got a really nice new camera so there'll be plenty!
  10. 1.I'm not american you retard. 2.It takes two hours to get to budapest from where i live. 10 Hours? Where do you live australia?
  11. Cheers , I've been doing a bit of hunting but can't come up with much info. Will keep my eyes peeled for that park though!
  12. I'm going to Budapest on boxing day & I plan on taking loads of pictures & video's for a nice juicy photo thread . But the only problem is I have zero knowledge of the city. Can anyone recommend where to go or what to avoid? Would be great to hear what some people on the oontz have done their before & where to eat/hang out. Please accept some ass as a token of my gratitude.
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