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  1. Influential style and personality. R.I.P
  2. this is terrible..... however! LOL @ DAO listening to Coldplay though
  3. bump cause I saw Sleep play a secret show yesterday in a dive bar for about 150 people
  4. just laughing about the thought of how sweet a shutout would be. that shorthanded goal was garbage, but so is luongo
  5. yeah i know what you mean, i can't really see this one being more than a 1 goal decision, however i am high on marijuana and having trouble calculating my post count to ice time ratio right now. math is hard heat in 7
  6. throw out some final PREDICTIONS internet hockey people boston 2 vancouver 1
  7. you think in the future, when banks are even more of a joke then they are today, there will be some kind of plastic surgery maintenance loan for these silly hoes with porno bitties that still live in a child size room with like 3 lapdogs, 50grand in credit card debt, and no "desired" skills/job/income? probably not, but i like to think in advance for things to complain about yes run on sentence good day sir
  8. Re: Tsunami Slams Northern Japan After Massive 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Coast row brow
  9. r o n d a

    the radiohead topic

    BUMPPPPPPPP :D this pyramid song cover is fucking amazing. that is all
  10. willing to bet that you could get more votes standing in a busy subway station from wall street young guns with an ipad or smart phone on that voting page than you will from this board. could be wrong. still apathetic either way though.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR4QH_Loc8s that just happened
  12. hook it up with an oreo speed cookie shirt!
  13. Change the "x's" in the link Season 2 - Episode 3 Season 2 - Episode 4
  14. Re: Favorite Flickr Flicks have fun with all that midnight blue, maybe you can help those cops paint over the powdered sugar stains on there uniforms
  15. steve smashing on black hookers. comedy
  16. r o n d a

    Who beleives 2012

    http://www.reuters.com/article/idUS166901+15-Sep-2010+PRN20100915 not really 2012 related, but an interesting little news snippet i came across yesterday. seems fake, but shiiiittttttt its a lot better than reading about a double dip recesssssionwhogivesashit
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