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  1. The Hobo Convention is coming up again. They will be having a ceremony for my good friend Frog. King of the Hoboes. Also, sadly a ceremony for Hobo King Tuck. Who is going this year?
  2. Might have posted all of these already...
  3. So whO is going to Britt this year? I have never been myself but i would def like to one of these August’s when I have my act together- time/money wise. I think a good friend of mine Tattoo Slim might be going but I am not certain on that.
  4. At 37, Riding bikes is a new obsession for me - trek mtb n Big Ripper BMX. Full time single father of 3. Working a full time and a part time job. I ride daily, mostly at night now that is so hot out. Got into making pizza- I love it. I can def eat pizza all day every day. Gave up booze almost a year ago and feel great. I find myself busier these days nd trying to make the most of them. Getting older...
  5. Kabar- John I met around 2009 thru Gerard. When John would winter in southern az. I would always meet him every year and hang out in the yard every chance I could when he was here. A stand up guy he was. With a ton of great stories!
  6. Just got done watering the new rye grass lawn , bout to tear up some Chinese takeout - hood spot that a pistol is a must where the bathrooms are tore up from the floor up
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