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  1. Ok, so did anybody think the shower and wine scenes in last night episode were a bit...odd? Just felt like they were just way out of place for how the rest of the show was and has been
  2. true, that could be cool. BUT, no idea if there is one o.O tpbm should be drawing more
  3. Re: Favorite Flickr Flicks Pinhole lightning
  4. Some cell pics from today Get up Juxtapoz Photo lab Recycle Chemicals Seawave on the way to get my package Got a replacement for my old dead-screened Droid. wanted to take pictures again with it, instead of the shitty phone I had. Camera was cracked inside (picture was just of a tabletop) smoke chicken blt wrap right now with some Splinter Cell Conviction
  5. This sounds awesome, minus the fact that they don't like the good stuff. Like other people have said, you should take the strong images and do something with them like a blog or something where the pictures can be seen, that's important!
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