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  1. Influential style and personality. R.I.P
  2. this is terrible..... however! LOL @ DAO listening to Coldplay though
  3. bump cause I saw Sleep play a secret show yesterday in a dive bar for about 150 people
  4. just laughing about the thought of how sweet a shutout would be. that shorthanded goal was garbage, but so is luongo
  5. yeah i know what you mean, i can't really see this one being more than a 1 goal decision, however i am high on marijuana and having trouble calculating my post count to ice time ratio right now. math is hard heat in 7
  6. throw out some final PREDICTIONS internet hockey people boston 2 vancouver 1
  7. you think in the future, when banks are even more of a joke then they are today, there will be some kind of plastic surgery maintenance loan for these silly hoes with porno bitties that still live in a child size room with like 3 lapdogs, 50grand in credit card debt, and no "desired" skills/job/income? probably not, but i like to think in advance for things to complain about yes run on sentence good day sir
  8. Re: Tsunami Slams Northern Japan After Massive 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Coast row brow
  9. r o n d a

    the radiohead topic

    BUMPPPPPPPP :D this pyramid song cover is fucking amazing. that is all
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