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9000 in 8 years!

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I'm the best man...I deeeeed it!



My goal is 10,000 within 10 years.



I don't know how some of you get like double this shit in 1 year.



Fucking freaks.




P.S. Do we still celebrate post milestones or is this not cool anymore?


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I just remembered. Last night my girl and I watched that documentary on the West Memphis Trio.


"Mr. Bojangles"


Sighting of a possible black male suspect was implied during the beginnings of the trial, at which time the possibility of conviction of the initial suspects seemed slim. According to local West Memphis police officers, during the evening of May 5, 1993, at 8:42 pm, workers in the Bojangles' restaurant about a mile from the crime scene (a direct route through the bayou where the children were found) in Robin Hood Hills reported seeing an African American male "dazed and covered with blood and mud" inside the ladies' room of the restaurant. Defense attorneys later referred to this man as "Mr. Bojangles."[4]


The man was bleeding from his arm and had brushed against the walls. The man had defecated on himself on the floor. The police were called, but the man left the scene. Officer Regina Meeks responded (by inquiring at the drive through window) about 45 minutes later. By then, the man had left and police did not enter or examine the bloodstained bathroom on May 5.[citation needed]


The following day, when the victims were found, Bojangles' manager Marty King, thinking there was a possible connection between the bloody, disoriented man and the killings, called police twice to inform them of his suspicions. After the second telephone call police gathered evidence from the restroom.[9] Police wore the same shoes and clothes from the Robin Hood Woods crime scene into the Bojangles restaurant bathroom. Police detective Bryn Ridge later stated he lost the blood scrapings taken from the walls and tiles of the bathroom.[10] A hair identified as belonging to an African American was later recovered from a sheet which had been used to wrap one of the victims.






You little boy killer!

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Good lookin' out on the ladies bathroom tip. That's the move, they're cleaner, usually smell better, and you'll never meet that weird guy who wants to stand real close at the urinals.

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I have a personal fear of generating too many posts. If and when I hit 5k I am going to change my user name.

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