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  1. Looks like San Jose is the same old San Jose...
  2. I've been on my own since the end of my junior year of high school but I still was kinda backed up by family. Things done changed doe!
  3. Lol where's all this stuff about meth comming from? I'm fucking clean I'll figure something out like I always end up doing. But thanks to anyone who had something good to say & suggest. And to those that didn't, he'll thanks anyway for the laugh.
  4. She can't fire me the owner of the store will never let her. I already have a plan set out on finding a temporary place and ima talk with my boys mom to see if they're rent me a room. Only thing I'm worried about is how my gma's going to take it since she's sick and will be heart broken and pisses at my aunt for it.
  5. I've only been living at this place for a year and a half. Before that I was at a friends house which was like a party house up until they started on their careers( they're all older than me). I've always had problems with my aunt since I was a young kid but as an adult now shit got outta hand. I've been meaning to move out but I never thought it was going to be on her terms instead of mine. Worse part about it is that she's my supervisor at work.. I was asking for it though. My moms even agreed with me when she heard about this about how dumb of a bitch my aunt is.
  6. Well I was technically on my own. Living in California while my parents are in Georgia. Paying rent at a relatives house and working all the time. Family began to get too comfortable and started to feel like they were my parents..
  7. This probably isn't the best place to ask for such advice but hey I'm all for the humor that comes along with shit like this.. Shit happens and people get fed up with one another. Half of my family are douches and was just kicked out. I brought it upon myself knowing what was going to happen and decided to make that clutch decision lol. Any advice for a 19 year on how to set off on his own? Tits would have been provides but I'm typing on am iPhone before I start work..
  8. Don't see so much SWEF nowadays soo.. BUMP!
  9. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... I hate not knowing what a weekend feels like anymore..
  10. Granted but you must wake in a bed floating in a river. I wish for work this weekend to be easy
  11. Burning a blunt after work is what i need to be doing..
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