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  1. its funny how you disapear for months and come back just to ride my dick like the fool that left 12oz in janurary. your like 40 years old. have nothing to do with graffiti and come on 12oz to suck up to a few people whom clearly you dont know in real life yet continualy bring there names up in a sad attempt at being ecool. now, you have now taken updrawball. scratching "12oz" into a fucking computer "drawball". 40 YEARS OLD SCRATCHING 12oz INTO A FUCKING COMPUTER DRAWBALL SCREEN.:lol::lol::lol: get over me hook hanger. all you do, and all youv ever done on here is brown nose and complain about me. oh, and for everyone unaware. this is christo hanging from meat hooks that he embeded into his back to hang from chains attached to a tree branch. koolguyChristo hangin from a tree suckin up for eprops on 12 zee
  2. shiiit son, nice work. thats pretty fuckin rad. waaaaaaait a minute here... are we talkin posts? sorry my bad, i thought we were talkin bans. as you were soldier.
  3. its funny thinking about obama and his wife having sex.
  4. wow. prrrrrrrretty threatening looking. what the fuck did they think it was gonna do to them when it "was coming toward them" suck on there toes with its toothless mouth? fucka leash to. let that weird fuckin dude chill. give him a name like "Grogg" and make friends with him. find out if there any females like him and fuck them. breed half grogg half human babies under a bridge and develope there motor skills enough to speak and intergrate them into society. perhaps as fast food restaraunt employees.
  5. whaaaaaat. iphones never had mms??? HILARIOUS.
  7. your job in here is to be ignorant, funny, make statements rather than pose questions and to NOT take part in internet discussions you fool. your red bricks state that, so wear them with honor you fucking retard and dont try and be one of the green sheep brigade. your an embarressment to the color. toilet seat.
  8. how the fuck you gonna make a thread and incorporate two crews that have nothing to do with each other and dont no one another you stupid fucking toy:lol: CLOSE THREAD case closed. TOYS.
  9. actually no, they do not "kill it" they paint skate spots and walls in the middle of the woods with ski masks on like fools. they do not have street spots. and there freights get dissed. get a fucking clue toy.
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