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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)


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New plant that is already dying I’ll try not to kill.



Breakfast game is always strong and hella greasy strangler.



Snow in April. Ridiculous New England. (Also latergram aka maybe 2 weeks ago but my life is the same most weekends so applicable)



 New boots, who diss.













Though this was hand painted. Was not. 



Liquor stores will never be the same. Impossible to rob. 



**bonus perveract** Extra points given to myself since

this broads dude was easily 2 ft taller than i. She had them cakes.

could not resist. 





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I too am fearful of how I might look (not to mention how I might feel about myself) taking perveract shots.


And fuck it, if I want to see pics of hot chicks, there's already an ocean of them on the internet where some one else has taken the trouble to organise them for me!

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If I could capture the moment that makes the heart skip I would be more inclined but as it is I think I would just miss it with the picture and ruin it in the moment. I am pretty gun shy about taking pictures of people and sometimes feel awkward taking pictures in general, I am trying to get over it but at the same time be respectful.


I went for a walk through Birdtown yesterday, a neighborhood in Cleveland, technically in Lakewood Ohio, making it a inner belt suburb. It is far enough away from Cleveland that when the Carbon Company set up a factory there they had hard time with workers being late due to the challenges from commuting from Cleveland proper, so they platted out some land and marketed lots and home to workers. I have always been fascinated with "company towns" and went was hoping to find some of the typical elements, but came up short, the shadows of history have faded and for the most part it just looks like any middle class or maybe lower middle class Cleveland suburb. 





Quite the power vector there.



Kind of fun to think of the engineering over the decades, the first practical streetlight as an innovation etc.


A dance school, bet some kids fucking hate going there.


Another concealed carry school along with some other works, technically in out of Birdtown maybe.


Houses like this have some story to them, I am just starting to get my head wrapped around it but think that it shows an originally flat topped three story that has been chopped and screwed into a pitch roof two story with a loft unit in the attic. 


Other times you see building like the one on the right turned into flat topped by wiping out the top floor and taking out the pitch to the front facade.


Fucking churches are really pretty boring but hard not to flick em if that is what you are doing.


The sign says "Everything will be okay" which I imagine is little solace to the bowlers waiting to lift the yoke of the oppressors imposing forced abstinence from the sport they love upon them.




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The art of the perveract shot is the same as how one might look at woody Allen. Gotta separate the man from the art. Only in this case one simply has to separate the morals from the greater good of the channel zero community.....Also. It’s all about the no looking off the hip shots like a real street photographer gets his or her classic images. Luck and the shutter button (volume control button on open camera app)  The me too movement hasn’t changed my opinion that all street butts are fair game. So long as you don’t get caught lol. 

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56 minutes ago, NightmareOnElmStreet said:

It’s all about the no looking off the hip shots like a real street photographer gets his or her classic images. Luck and the shutter button (volume control button on open camera app)  The me too movement hasn’t changed my opinion that all street butts are fair game. So long as you don’t get caught lol. 

Sure, whatever you say buddy




Also, this:



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combined last day off and today 


everything is in bloom right now. including fucking  people 


the flowers on this Prunus! 

ive never seen the bottom of the river.even if it’s just the shore 






this is a cool flower. Very unique. a lil early round here  Centaurea montana 




another community garden in the works 



cool address thing 



back to work. Clipping clones. 

Thousands of them 





my walk after work. Almost 60 out and cloudy.  So perfect   Just signed my lease. 




complimented him on how beautiful the trucks were. I’ve never seen em out and up close. 
he said “we’d take ya for a spin if we weren't working” “we do that” haha made my day. Super friendly guys. (They were gardening, touching up paint, cleaning) 



glad they’re keeping the Japanese Knotweed under control. 






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My days are all pretty much the same so I kinda made a highlight reel of the past week. For your enjoymet:







Trailer hauling too much weight. Metal grate on bridge chewed it alive.



Take some roof down, put some roof up



just a couple soft spots to repair they said


The aftermath of me falling through one of these rotten floors.




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took my lil macro lens clip to work today because we have some Pre flowering  going on 

it was also very foggy this morning which is one of my favorite things here. 

fog +macro is even better 



spider web 




before shot from yesterday 184A7690-1B54-4ED7-9FFC-9D6A3DBEC731.thumb.jpeg.acdb637e954bb268267d1b96715c07fb.jpeg

today 37AC2F36-02C6-4A92-A265-F00A2800CBC4.thumb.jpeg.6f70bf6b4f13c7527d6494b950248851.jpeg


some folks they to flex their shoe game 



liquor store is open but for curbside only. Wasn’t wanting anything anymore 



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1 hour ago, One Man Banned said:

Interesting stuff.  How did you laern to do all this, someone teach you some when you were a youngster or did you wait until you were older and got into the apprentice deal?

Thats a good question. I have ZERO formal training. Everything I know has been picked up over the years along the way and lots of reference books I own on the subject. The basis of my construction knowledge revolves around carpentry. I dont touch any of the mechanical trades which you actually need licenses to do. Im insured for electrical and plumbing on an as needed basis. Meaning if I have to remove lights or toilets or sinks in order to paint around them or do drywall repair, Im insured for anything that might go wrong.


I didnt get into construction until I was 21, or somewhere around that age. So Ive been doing it off and on for about 18 years now. 


I get away with having no licensure becuase I subcontract under class A general contractors. As long as my invoices are $5000 or less I stay legitimate. If I go over at any point I get fined. It's cheaper to pay the fine than be compliant.

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