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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)

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1 hour ago, One Man Banned said:


that beak looks terrifying! Imagine being a small animal and feeling that cutting into you.

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Having been impressed by Mercer's contributions I am going to try to add some narrative. I do not feel motivated to go as far as he has in terms of privacy nor routine, but will share the location and some general impressions of where I have been taking pictures. I have not be taking pictures in a very organized manner nor with the idea necessarily of posting them so, they are what they are, just random stuff that grabbed my eye for whatever reason.


In order to combat boredom I have been going for walks in Cleveland area neighborhoods, suburbs and outlying towns and villages. I sometimes do some research and develop a route idea before striking out but just as often I head out and follow my nose. 


Here are some shots from Bratenahl, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bratenahl,_Ohio 


A wealthy enclave nestled between the shore of Lake Erie and 1-90 Bratenhal has a very unwelcoming vibe, apart from the grand homes I would say that is almost it's defining feature. The police presence is strong, especially now, with cops posted at both ingress points and patrolling and posted about but the vibe goes deeper. A potential contributor to this is that just south of I-90 it is a very different demographic, St. Clair is the next major thoroughfare and is the sort of strip where a person with no reason to be there may very well be advised to avoid. The class divide is striking, when I have a visitor from out west I will often drive them out on St. Clair where folks are often a bit shocked by the "hood" and desolation and then back through Bratenahal where the mansions are impressive in the opposite sense.IMG_20200326_165849.jpg.eb6d05704f8cbc71c4394d905bebed3d.jpg


The most impressive house, to me was just around the corner from here but I did not flick it because a resident was taking out the trash in her PJ's and robe and I thought it would be creepy to get her in the picture and awkward to wait for her to walk the long ass driveway back, also with no zoom on the phone I do not think I could have captured what I wanted anyway which was a sweet old Mercedes in it's most natural environment.



At the West end of the strip is an active military base, it was once a NIKE MISSILE site, then administrative space for payroll and now I do not know what.





Source https://case.edu/ech/articles/n/nike-missile-bases






These two houses on on basically the same block, once you get off the main strip and before you get to 90 there are some really modest homes, it is pretty shocking to me as back home all this would be high end until the natural barrier.



A duck in the collection for storm water on it's last stop before hitting the lake, inspired by OMB I try to catch the birds but never really pull it off.


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A stroll though Parma, a working class suburb to the south of Cleveland. I feel that I did not do the nicer parts justice on my walk as I did pass some nice houses but for whatever reason did not flick them. Of note is Parma's history of race exclusion, at one point I believe the number of black residents was like 41, out of 100,000, they got in trouble with the federal government over it and there was a court case etc.



Hot dogs are big here, there are a good handful of options that I have yet to explore. 


A library on a main drag.


For some photos from the public that capture the mood of this bar I checked out the google map, determined that there would be some effort to extract the images and instead invite the interested to purse the direct link. Looks like the kids can play volleyball in the parking lot come summer.




In this part of the world we do not really have hills, if there is any elevation change at all it is generally a consequence of valleys being carved out by water heading for the lake, there are many, often failed attempts to slow the water down to protect bridges and prevent erosion. Here is a much smaller attempt to slow the storm drain as it reaches a creek, or "run" as they are called regionally.




While I did not catch any pictures of the nicer houses I passed, I did shoot this funny apartment complex where the buildings look like ranch houses.


This sign might give the impression that there is no freedom left in this country.


But rest assured that there are still playgrounds that incorporate diamond platting and extruded metal, still a town where the postman and policeman may enjoy a cigarette in uniform and official vehicle, across the street from this picture there was a house with a Trump flag, open front door and window revealing a huge TV tuned to FOX, I wanted the picture but it felt cheap and provocative so I passed. 




Failed wildlife shot, goose in the background.


Pretty meager attempt to violate teh "non artistic" rule.


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A rare painted grave in Elyria. Note the sticker on the bottom left of the plaque.


Some person or group has taken it upon themselves to put "Veteran" stickers, like really pretty durable ones on many of the graves. Super fucking tacky in my opinion.


If blown out railroad bridges are your thing, North East Ohio is your kind of spot.


Water pushing today, flash floods in area. At another crossing the locals were out in numbers to watch the river flood, like I think it is a thing for them, I did not scope for respect to social distancing.


I am really not looking forward to seeing what these places look like in hard times when so many buildings are boarded up and abandoned now.



What it is.


Okay boomer.


Main strip.


Court in foreground, modern addition to the left with the Jail in the background. There are a lot of jails out here, the one in downtown Cleveland looks similar to the one in downtown Seattle. This one has some modern flavor on the outside, bet the inside is no fun.


Back side of the main strip.


This is not the best example but it is really charming and heartening that toy graffiti is alive and well out here, some of the shit in the city is plainly being pulled by children who may not even have the internet to corrupt the flavor. 




This house is funny, what is going on here? It is like industrial in the back and manor in the front.


Well that's it for Elyria, it was too windy out and I cut the walk short for safety. The only people out besides the yokels watching the river were the fiends, sitting and staring on park benches and arguing with one another over domestic matters, oh and some preteens running go-carts in the streets. The residential area was pretty charming, I may make a return visit.

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Posted (edited)

Coming across the desert, the train stopped in Mitchell, TX where I found the first brand new railroad spike I ever saw so I grabbed one as a souvenir.  I met a dude that had a homemade forge. It's not the type of place that is conducive to snapping random pictures but here's what I got.  No tweakers were harmed in the making of this knife.


Felt like the bass player in a traveling band



Saw the Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke replica



Left at the post office.


I think they kidnapped a midget







Drinking cheap


Stopped to piss with no change.



Went here instead








Success and shout out to KIR.  Wish I could have got pics making it but dude was getting sketchy about my phone. 

Edited by xen
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The store we stopped to piss at.  I love this part of the world.


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Was planning to visit Mentor, but headed to nearby Painesville instead as the weather did not fit with a beach visit. This town was a big deal, a long time ago, allegedly eclipsing Cleveland for a brief moment according to a plaque downtown.



The local historic society, closed.


Funky looking place to rent an apartment.


Abandoned, Ohio style.


Town square, old.


Thought about trying to find some 1918 markers, declined to search.



This is what 214K will get you round here.



With this view.


Encouraging words.


Down the street Pete.


Tiny gun shop in front, Jail in background.


Grey day, went to Mentor after to scope the beach but it was closed for high water.



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Bridge before town was taking too long so I detoured to the lake shore for a stroll before hitting town.IMG_20200406_111521.thumb.jpg.0977320b809322f85a57e1050ceecdf6.jpg

Houses across the street from the park.


Still trying for that wildlife shot.


Your tax dollars at work.


Like everyone around here this town is hoping for a revitalization.


The strip.


Teaching the most up to date technique I am sure.


Prison industrial is doing okay, as usual.


It boggles the mind a little to see such a building being cheapened like this.


They are still carving out markers here.


Next door with the shutters down.


In the back a peak at their projects.




Fixer upper


Daily driver.




Founded in 1950 says the stone on the corner.


Fixer upper.


Actually being fixed up.


Not in time.


Old School.


Work in progress.



I have gotten in the habit of taking pictures of houses for sale, they feel like fair play more than the others.

25K for this beauty.




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Stop by the warehouse to pick up some supplies.


Get stuck in some essential traffic


Wondering why the back of this stripmall is so clean.


Hit 92000 on the way to look at my next project


Cant get in so I let project manager explain whats going on from the outside


Im gonna spend some extra time at buckroe beach


Strange sea brain that warshed up from the bay


Caught this guy on the way home

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it’s been a week. Able to go back to work in time for transplanting. 
moving the plants into their final pots and  hooking them up to irrigation. 

it may not seem like it and I’m sure it sounds like simply potting plants but this was One of the most labor intensive weeks I have had. Tmrw is day 7/7 for me then I’ll take Monday off. 
I am out here doin the devils Legal  work. No apologies if this offends you. It is torture for me to be surrounded by it and not to have smoked since leap day 



got our boot baths in. They will be filled with its sanitizer this week. 



goal: to up pot 765 plants  from 1/2 gal pots into 2 gallon pots in 5 days. One day I was by myself. Two days there were  two of us and two days there were three.  Moving 4-6 bales of substrate a day. Breaking it down by hand an mixing it with water 
 Making molds with substrate (as I explained in Let’s Learn Plants thread) 


walkin round after work  Apple family type of tree I believe. Pretty, though 



don’t mulch your trees like this. Keep the mulch at the neck line 


checking out a few rentals round the way 


welcome to the jungle. All of  These plants shown  are about 7 weeks old.2FFA44E1-5A19-4E2A-AF96-C4BB571202BC.thumb.jpeg.33147f648a5ed7e3b9f253f1f7f58655.jpeg


incredible root system 




765 pots done. We are still above our projected yield 


 today was dealing with the clones we took almost a month ago. We are keeping these alive so our tissue culture lab can take from the meristem 


again, roots! 4EC171A1-DA3B-4BCB-A0C6-E8BFEDB7CD2F.thumb.jpeg.e500f76acd08c97060fdcada1786d33d.jpeg


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Random flicks from yesterday and I decided instead of buying a grill I'll just make something that fits over my firepit and I can take it with me 












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But does it really have any meaning if it is measured in Kilometers instead of Miles (69041)?


Sorry to be a bummer man. 🙂 

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Yesterday.  Another suprise visit, this time I went outside pretty close to observe and take photos.  Back inside we cracked the back door as this bear chose to walk up to about 5' from us before startling away as my old dog, seeing a bear for the 1st time, went nuts and told it to fuck off.  

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