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  1. Re: random thoughts What did I eat yesterday that was green?
  2. Re: random thoughts Don't even get me started on mice. My last landlord achieved full fuckboi status when he decided not do do anything about them among other things. The mice basically took over the house me and my roommates were living in and it got to the point where I just dealt with it. Not a good way to live and I got the hell outta there. At first they just stayed in the kitchen and there weren't many, then we had a couple day blackout in December and they just went rampant reproducing and fucking shit up cause no one was home. Mouse shit everywhere, any food left out ruined. Not a good way to live. The baby ones are kinda cute tho.
  3. I can feel it jolting through my veins like a heavy dose of heroin
  4. Nah at first I thought it was just for the veg they give you. Then i dipped my fries in it and I was all like whoaa. And then I threw a wing in there and I blue cheese dressing-ed my drawers till it ran down my leg. I group food with women in the "things to appropriately make sexual jokes about without being labeled a homo" category so a no homo will not be necessary boys, carry on.
  5. Dear weather, Warm up please. It'd be great if i could paint without fear of frostbite. The Hoff
  6. That moment when you realize Walking Dead started up again. The sword through Hershel's head. Was weird seeing Machone being all womanly in that dream she had. Carl keeps it real but he needs a chin check cause he's being too cocky, gonna end up fucking himself over. And Rick's helplessness is laughable.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMODiljvHZo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_2Ou5eOHRY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtjGock9FpM
  8. Also dipping wings in blue cheese dressing changed my whole wing eating experience.
  9. This local bar I know has a wing special every Tuesday and Thursday, me and my friend go there a lot and his mom knows the owner or someshit. Anyway they have the best mild barbecue sauce I've ever had and we were gonna buy a 4L jug off them but chose not to because the funds were hurting at the time. One of my biggest regrets to date.
  10. Critical Ass Purple OG Bush Granddaddy Bush Pineapple Express Blueberry Bum Bum Cali Goo White Widow
  11. Ehh, got me there. To be fair I was like 12 when I tried it.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3av8sp1Onn0 Skip to 1:30
  13. Definitely gonna recommend The League and Archer. Both fucking funny shows.
  14. Agreed. If you're stupid enough to do something that'll kill you for a drinking game, all the power to you. I won't lie I'm having a laugh at all the idiots on my facebook doing these. Going from dudes looking like a bitch cringing chugging a single beer, to people you wouldn't expect pounding back half a 26oz of tequila like its apple juice. I mean, if you're gonna post a response, at least try to make yourself not look like a prissy bitch.
  15. http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/deadly-online-neknomination-drinking-game-has-officials-concerned-1.1673468 TLDR: Drinking game spreading around on fb where people try to out-do their friends on camera. It was originally intended to raise money for charity I believe. Apparently now it's a major health concern. Discuss.
  16. Tempted to neg for shaming Dominos, that's like calling my favourite girl cousin a whore, son. Dominos holds it down imo at least up here in iglooland, eh. We outchea. Mask up nurgas
  17. I got a 70% answering honestly, but keeping in mind the survival aspect which would alter my decisions had it been a non-apocalyptic scenario.
  18. The stretch mark to titty ratio is at a smashable level.
  19. At least it wasn't a gay joke :spin:.
  20. Had that exact same hat. Sticker on.
  21. Voting time. A lot of solid entries and I liked KeepFresh's stuff but I'm voting for slowdown for originality.
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