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  1. Tried quail for the first time last night. Basically a waste of time, too much effort for such little reward. Just like OP's mom.
  2. They were delicious, I usually do wedges but got lazy and went with medallions. Trick is not to crowd the baking sheet too much and they crisp up nice.
  3. Garlic shrimp white wine Alfredo turned out great
  4. You've really got a way with words skimask ? Quality shit posting.
  5. Smash sweaty meth head, trash grandma cockerchest
  6. Couple local Brewery flights today.
  7. If you want me to stick candies up your ass, all you have to do is ask. /nh
  8. The cherry on top is the fact a right wing populist provincial leader was voted in and has made a habit of cutting any services he can think of that moment including healthcare, education and metal health funding. *Surprised Pikachu*. The rehabilitation process for people admitted into psychological institutions is dismal. They get out and have nowhere to go. Any street in the core overnight has people sleeping on the sidewalks, sometimes without even a bag or any belongings during warm months. Just an empty beer, a pile of change and people don't even look twice let alone are surprised, you get used to it. A story was in the news recently where a person not criminally convicted of murdering someone due to mental disabilities managed to wander out of our major psychological institution and board an international flight. Not sure if they even found the guy.
  9. The cost of living in Toronto has skyrocketed the past 5 years with the cost of housing at astronomical levels in the city proper and still unrealistically high in surrounding towns. Eg. Average rent for 1 bedroom at $12-1500/month and detached houses going for $1mill plus. It's easy to see the number of homeless increasing. There was "Tent City" in a central ravine area in the early 2000s but it was dispersed by the city, they're still breaking up homeless communities that pop up along rivers and under bridges. They've opened a fair amount of shelters and safe injection sites around the city at the dismay of a lot of people who live in those areas, but because of the sheer volume of people needing these facilities it often gets ruined by the shitty few. The shelters fill up quick and even if you get into one as a small family or person just down on their luck with nowhere to go, you risk getting your shit stolen or some asshole will harass or assault you. Super frustrating to see but at the same time, a lot of not well off people are struggling as is. A few small stints of shit luck could leave you in the streets if you don't have family or friends to fall back on, at least the social systems in place here exist and healthcare is decent. Couldn't imagine being in a similar situation in the States where a small medical emergency could bankrupt you.
  10. Their first two albums were great, their newest one I'm not a huge fan of. Would still like to see them again, the show I mentioned I was just getting into them.
  11. Current go to, I'm definitely on the hoppy IPA train.
  12. Looks good man, but I'm gonna go ahead and say Costco's Kirkland pesto is fucking tasty. Just can't be too liberal with it because it's pretty oily.
  13. On the real though I find the Dremel bits can be super loud and squeaky, the knife sharpening stones are a lot better, dig deeper and are more descreet. /thread
  14. Competitions are corny imo but I'd contribute to a word of the day just post your shit on the fly type deal.
  15. https://youtu.be/5Q1pe9WFan4 Roommate showed me this dude last night, great stuff.
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