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  1. Competitions are corny imo but I'd contribute to a word of the day just post your shit on the fly type deal.
  2. https://youtu.be/5Q1pe9WFan4 Roommate showed me this dude last night, great stuff.
  3. Seconding Euphoria, great television. Fez and his lil bro are the realest mfers on TV right now.
  4. That is fucking glorious, what a legend. RIP
  5. This one is stupid good, easy drinking for something that'll get you tipsy off one can.
  6. Been listening to a lot of Gatecreeper, fuckin rippers. https://gatecreeper.bandcamp.com/track/flamethrower
  7. What the fuck, skipped out on Psycho Las Vegas for this. Must have gotten paid a pretty penny.
  8. Still accepting applications for the fall session.
  9. A Dick Named Steve, never forget. Though it wasn't that long ago...
  10. It just doesn't add up, Dylan never forgets the ball hairs. They're such an essential part of the dick.
  11. If I see boogie hands I'm gonna vote boogie hands, 100%. It's 2017, kids are eating ass after a craft cider. If you can't own up to a gnarly shit you can gtfo.
  12. Had a buddy drunkenly tag a cop car with a marker while they were busting an arts show. The cops were standing right there and watched him do it :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:. Got slammed on the hood, cuffed and put in the back seat. Chick we were with talked them out of charging him which still blows my mind.
  13. Was huge into these guys for a while, check out If These Trees Could Talk if you haven't already. More good stuff. Having a big post metal phase right now.
  14. Yeah, or even just connections in general. I always feel like a lil groupie when I go to events unless I know dudes painting. Yo mang cud u sine my blakkbook
  15. ^That fucking album was amazing. Riff gods. Song that got me into them.
  16. And aparently, 50% of people wipe standing up. Who the fuck?
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