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Everything posted by aLBERThOFFMAN

  1. Hella dope update man, keep em comin. Lots of big names in there.
  2. Why the hate on cuords? I've recently fell in love with their comfortable goodness. And their sorta, kinda semi-formal-ish if you want em to be.
  3. Pretty much this since I got home from work. And this, apparently it's called Good God Damn. I laughed.
  4. Wtf are these things? Never seen anything like them before up here, they look like they carry them on some kind of intermodel/piggyback.. Must be local/short line? Sick line of reefers tho, keep up the bench.
  5. Doooope photo dump, I'm jealous of the cars you get out there. OP IS AFGGIT
  6. From the other night :friedshrimp::grinning::friedshrimp::friedshrimp::grimacing::openmouth::friedshrimp::wineglass:
  7. Also just wanted to say I miss being able to send people a little message when you propped them. I know you could just pm them but it's harder to get the context.
  8. My buddy has managed to lose like 3 skateboards over the years during various missions. There are countless times where he's had to run back to the spot or wherever he stashed it to get it after we've left. Fuckin guy :snail:
  9. Drinking beer and blasting old school Meshuggah
  10. I first heard of him a couple years back when i was big into uk hip hop and in darker times in life. High Focus hustles hard and i like their shit but I respect your opinion.
  11. You probably know more about this kind of stuff than I do tbh. I just remember my dad talking about FLAC back in the mid 00's when we both were using minidisc players.
  12. I believe it's because they are capable of playing FLAC formatted audio files with ease. It's better quality.
  13. Dope updates man, I like how you show love for the grey hoppers. A lot of benchers won't flick them.
  14. Gonna follow up on this. Recently some "seasoned" freight writers came around and started doing stupid shit that they should know better not to. Going to spots that have been preserved for years in the day time with like 4-6 people, doing multiple panels at small spots, showing people spots who have no business on freights. Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. Play it safe and don't get careless about spots even if you're comfortable.
  15. Crazy bitch, shit lay, proceeded to linger in my life far longer than I would have liked. Bitch is currently dating one of my (ex?) buddies. 3/10 would do again because she gave decent head i guess.
  16. Hoppin on the bandwagon, I've been logged in with this window minimized my whole shift thus far and I haven't been logged out. Innovative shit.
  17. But in seriousness I'ma be a lame and prolly put that shit in a tax free savings account
  18. Gonna not google her in case she is and I'm at work,l but I'd tongue-punch her turd-cutter :100::100:
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