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  1. http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/Article.aspx?aid=3001984 It was only after they flew back to their home country on Feb. 7 that the police identified the four Australians with security camera footage. They matched their faces on security footage from the airport and then checked immigration records. The four men were found to have spent 10 days in Korea - dedicating at least three of those nights to spraypainting Seoul subway cars. “We don’t understand how foreigners who never traveled to Korea before knew so expertly the subway stations’ structures,” said Shim Mun-sik, chief of a crime investigation department of the Seongdong Police Precinct. The instances of graffiti being painted on subway trains, which is considered property damage, have seen a big increase in recent years. According to the Korea Railway Police, a total of 12 instances of graffiti painted on subway trains were found in 2014, up from only one in 2013.
  2. He's using technical difficulties to cover up the fact that he's not ready to battle
  3. Yo this is 2015 you know they steady be turnin up on the ISS one way or another. :rocket::mushroom::beermug::pill::beercheers::alien:
  4. The JB roast is airing on the 30th (in Canada). I hear he gets ripped into savagely..
  5. There's only one way to settle this... GRAB A PEN AND WRITE STEAK
  6. FALSE ALL GOLD ERR THANG BBY. TPBM has never actually owned anything gold :pensive:
  7. I really hope frosted tips is actually an OG, well respected writer.
  8. Holy fuck you see the gore spill on the rocks in that second video. Jeeeze.
  9. Mass coming in at the bottom of the ninth with the closing KO :screamcat::confounded:
  10. :musicalnote::musicnotes::musicalnote::musicnotes::fire::skull:
  11. Yup, what Hua said. Focus more on the letters than anything else. Make those bitches lean and mean and the reast will come on its own.
  12. :alien:That show sux ballz. Smash bitch from 8 Simple Rules tho. RIP John Ritter
  13. I saw one guy point out an old HEAT night flick with wet paint was posted as an original before showing the gone over panel. Hinting the page is probably run by TCI dudes, since they're never called out and it's pretty obvious they cap people with their end2ends on reefers with humungous backgrounds. Whatever though, I just see this page as pure entertainment and it's funny seeing people make fools of themselves. We've all done shit here and there that we justify in our own way, whether it was ethical to the game or not. The way I see it just don't be a fuckboy and follow the traditional rules of graff. Don't go over OG's, deceased or panels that have clearly been there for 10+ years, and if you do have to go over someone make sure that you a) burn their piece with more style AND colours and b) cover their piece COMPLETELY, or at least show that you tried to if you do run out of background. This is out of respect. If you do a simple one colour straight on a panel and someone burns over you with 6+ colours and goes bigger, just shut the fuck up and appreciate the work. You got 1 upped. Too many dudes flex their egos when it isn't called for. DAM!
  15. Bruh but we could run TDM and pwn n00bz. Wouldn't be opposed.
  16. :skull::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::skull:
  17. This one is too jokes. He didn't even cap anyone they're just clowning him for being a retard pasting steel. This is local to me so hella funny.
  18. That shit is hilarious. So much snitching/ shit talking/ hypocrites. Beautiful.
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