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  1. Idk, all I see is some king shit.
  2. @massgraff, I'm not all darkness and despair :tongueout:. But I did start my day off with this beauty: :skull::skull::skull:
  3. Half of a soggy left over assorted sub.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYJ-jumYEXE :hibiscus::rose::tulip::sunflower::cherryblossom::blossom:
  5. Ufomammut, Usnea, and Sons of Otis next weekend. Fucking stoked.
  6. The doubledilla was always your mom's favourite. /late sub-par witty burn
  7. How many tacos is too many tacos, you might ask? 7. 7 is too many tacos.
  8. If 16 year old girls are allowed to wear crop tops and show off their belly buttons, I don't see why I can't. Fuck you society you're gonna embrace this fine ratio of treasure trail to beer gut.
  9. I scoped their other stuff, pretty good, heavy and riffy. Remind me kind of like older Intervals, but less shreddy if that makes sense.
  10. My boy got a wide angle. Although it does distort a lot of pics, it comes KEY for those tight shots/spots that you would otherwise have to stitch or not get a photo at all. Solid benching.
  11. I actually have been wearing Dickies work boots for the past 3 years. They wear out after about 8 months and don't breathe/ make my feet smell terrible.My company expenses work boots once a year but it only covers $100, which isn't much. I just grab them because they're the cheapest and I don't want to shell out any of my own cash on work apparel. I wear my work boots the whole winter and for painting/railroad missions, they look decent, do the job, but don't last.
  12. Although I appreciate their musicianship, I can't dig Dream Theater. The vocals are far too theatrical for me, same goes for Protest The Hero.
  13. Getting/looking for a bunch of new music @ work.
  14. I saw the same show in Toronto, they were actually my favourite at the event. This could have been because I dropped and fucked up my phone right after, righteously pissing me off. Really heavy, and I feel like I was one of the very few people there who knew about them. It was my first time really checking out Converge (aside from listening to them that day a few hours earlier) and they were fucking nuts. So much energy.
  15. I was talking about the guy who used to post on here. I forgot his username but he was from Texas, claimed to do meth, sucked at graff, had a kid with some chick who also had an oontz account. Then they both came on here rinsing each other and putting their family life on the oontz for us to ridicule.Trashy asf. Convo in this thread reminded me of the guy for some reason.
  16. "Apartment inspection"? Fuck outta here with that.
  17. Where's that meth head when you need him? Kind of glad I forgot his screen name.
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