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Everything posted by aLBERThOFFMAN

  1. I ain't even mad, half off is half off.
  2. 50% off coupon for Dominos with my last order. Thy heavens hath blessed me with such an amazing deal. Bet yo bitch ass ima take advantage of this shyt.
  3. Just gonna leave this here. Toronto benching video my boy made.
  4. At least I can log in now :D
  5. That one time those undos were fronting like a college couple. Tot I got to the homie's place before he did and his cock ring was chillin on the bed. Tot living the broke life using tobacco from smoked butts for poppers. Tot we rolled some kid a spliff with pubes in it for his birthday.
  6. Pork chop sandwich /nh. With coleslaw on the bun.
  7. One night I was chilling and drinking with my girl and she passed out on my bed. I wasn't tired yet and wanted to secks so I decided I would try and wake her up by going down on her. After 15 seconds she got up startled, drunkenly walked over to the doorway near my bathroom, squatted and started pissing on this big bag of empty paint cans I had left there. Once I realized what was happening I was like wtf nahh and guided her to the toilet. Made her clean it up once she regained full consciousness. :D
  8. I get pissed when I see dudes checking out my girl... I would not be okay with dating someone who gets paid to grind on dudes/show off the goods, regardless of how much she makes.
  9. Went to the gym yesterday for the first time in like 8 months. Packed on a fair amount of fat, thank you fast food, beer and a slow metabolism. I was with my buddy and his frat bro friends and they were all doing arms/chest shit. I went straight to the squat rack and did my thing, then did some split squats and stiff leg deadlifts. I overheard them talking about not really needing to work legs because of cycling blah blah. I walked over to them and was like yeah, but cycling won't get you this and flexed my quads. Their faces were priceless and I laughed while they all shut up. I'm glad I didn't lose much size over my hiatus. Gonna start taking it seriously again. Jello legs today tho.
  10. Re: random thoughts There are very few things in this world that I fear more than shaving my balls.
  11. Re: random thoughts School courses be stressing me out. Working full time taking courses on the side make life difficult, I just wanna get drunk and do hoodrat shit with my friends.
  12. Mann, all those reefers :eek:. Good stuff.
  13. This is depressing.. Nice entry tho rolling nowhere. Shall we just move on?
  14. And honestly I don't even really fuck with Subway anymore. It's gone to shit the past couple years when they started pre-portioning the meats, half the time it doesn't even cover the full sandwich and you got an inch and a half of bun on either side fuckoutchea. They just generally skimp you. Their tomatoes are usually shit and limp as well, good tomatoes are key.
  15. It was a sad day when I realized BK got rid of their daily King Deals, bye bye Whopper Wednesday. Now they got this value meal type thing going on. The stuff isn't bad for $1.39 I guess, but it's just not the same.
  16. Going with mone on this one.
  17. Tons of great catches. Good stuff.
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