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  1. @graverobbin @huestyles @namesontrains @the_writers_bench
  2. Since things are slow around here I took the time to round up a bunch of photos I found on instagram, which is poppin daily. All photos are stolen but I'll give credit to all the benchers. Feel free to contribute. @50footer
  3. Quick, drunken, no pencil sketch from last night..
  4. The girl's mom hooked up this beast of a meatball sandwich for lunch today. I was sweating by the end of it.
  5. This is fucking painful. And I gotta spread rep before prawping Fist.
  6. Mommy made butter chicken on brown rice. Fuckya.
  7. An exchange I did for SENCE, from my area.
  8. Starting Strength till stall, then PHAT = mad gainz bruh. Slowed down on lifting due to a lack of funds and facilities, but I got fucking tendonitis in my elbow area from winter painting. My buddy said he got it from overhead press last year and it took months to heal up. /notstoked It feels like I have some gimp arm and I lose all strength when I try to do different movements/elbow rotations. Opening doorknobs? Nope. Bringing a fork up to my mouth? Nope. Fapping? Left hand I guess. Wiping my ass? Nope.
  9. Here's another one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wsci_JIGeBE.
  10. Mone gmv, although Decy was a close second.
  11. Re: random thoughts The fact that I can't listen to a song on youtube while doing other things on my phone sincerely rustles my jimmies.
  12. Nice post. MOAR GREY HOPPERS.
  13. I'm with meds on this one, if there is free cheese being offered I'm sure as fuck gonna take advantage of that. Then later regret it.
  14. I've been busy lately but I sketched this one out last night.
  15. I'm probably the youngest person who posts regularly. I can drink in the states now.
  16. Re: random thoughts Agreed but that was also due to the fact that the landlord refused to get us a garbage bin big enough to accommodate everyone in the house. In retrospect we should have just tossed that shit in the backyard, fuck that place. It just ended up getting to the point where it was so far gone that I lost hope of cleaning it. You should see the state we left it in :lol:. As far as the not wanting to take your shoes off, that was completely understandable. And my bad about the other day, I'm a terrible host and I was fuckin gassed.
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