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  1. I know right, boners like those you just can't ignore.
  2. Agreeing with you !00% here, it was almost painful to watch Ham's arguments. It astonishes me how creationalists so passionately defend their views with the facts contradicting them laid so plainly in front of them.
  3. Damn son, you classy. /genuinely stoked :lol: FUCKIN RED BARON PERIOD. Guess it never took flight in Canada.
  4. Looks more like a chip dip type scenario. Black olives on a cake? Do you even logic bro??
  5. This shit. They had samples of thiswhen I was a kid at an amusement park and it was the shit. Never found it in grocery stores though. Jimmies successfully rustled.
  6. The reheating of a burger doesn't sit well with me. I mean do what you gotta do but the idea of warm, limp lettuce sounds unappetizing. If anything I'd take the patty off and just heat that up. @MC I think I actually went to that place before but it was when I was younger and didn't live the life. I think I just got a pepperoni slice.
  7. That's what you get for being named Gemma, yadumbitch. Smash dat cadaver pre-autopsy doe.
  8. Tried some variety here. Shitty dollar store markers are shitty.
  9. That's brutal, although "gourmet" burgers in restaurants usually go for that much around here with fries or a salad. I had a breaded chicken parmesan on a kaiser for lunch today from Big Slice which put me on my ass. Mozzarella, mushrooms and onions on it covered in tomato sauce for 7 bucks. Yall fux with Italian sandwiches? Dope local chain is my usual go-to place for veal because there used to be one walking distance from my house. This place is dope too but I've only had it once, pricey but they give you a lot.
  10. I've decided this isn't thread-worthy so I'm just gonna put it here. A guy I know put together this benching video from around Toronto, Canada.
  11. The age-long battle between green and red. Who will win?
  12. Seriously, I'm liking the quality of these. I'll get in on this soon.
  13. It's cool you're confident and what not, but you sound kind of arrogant.
  14. Haven't but I googled it, looks cool I'll check it out.
  15. It's okay, saw it in like grade 9 tho so I don't really remember it.
  16. Decy fixed Btw Cil I remember you asking how much prawp power you got. You boosted me about 2.1k if that answers the question.
  17. I just found that sentence "plummeted into the teens" hysterical, almost an oxymoron because that's like nice spring weather for us. Don't get me wrong, people up here still drive like idiots at the first sign of snow as well. Universal idiocy. Central North America gets blessed with both extremes. Gets to 40C with humidity in the summer sometimes. :D
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