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    I expected pinker nipples.
  2. My brother lives south of Tallahassee right on the coast, he is definitely concerned. Shouldn't get BF'd as bad as Tampa Bay, but who knows what tomorrow (or the latest report) will bring.
  3. For the record: my wife said I'm a fucking idiot for suggesting microdosing.
  4. Wife's input. (Probably ignore my post...) 1. Tell them you are worried about them and that you care about them. Tell them they are not alone (use your own phrasing, this isn't a script). 2. Ask, "are you suicidal?" You aren't planting the seed by asking, but it gets to the core quickly. 3. You can call the suicide hotline ( 988 ) and ask for local resources. Most importantly, just talk to them.
  5. Talk to them. Hang out with them. Do NOT point out all the things they have going right for them, listen to what's wrong and hear it. Make them go do an outdoor activity with you (hike, beach, etc) for that vitamin D. Make plans for the coming weekends that they're excited to do. Microdose mushrooms with em?
  6. I put "should" in quotes for exactly that reason. I'm okay; I have a therapist and my wife is a therapist so I'm fairly versed in facing what I'm actually feeling and at "using my words" accordingly. ----- She passed about an hour ago. She was decidedly celebratory and welcoming of death (when she wasn't in excruciating pain). She believed she'd be in heaven now, reunited with her parents and her younger brother. My intent with the thread wasn't to be therapeutic for me, but just to start a conversation as the general age range of ch0 users has got to put this event as likely relevant.
  7. I have a relationship with my parents that fluctuates between poor and nonexistent. Neglect, abuse, general overly strict Bible thumping types... Anyhow. My mother was given a couple months to live last June (multiple cancers) and has just now finally been put into hospice with the expectation she'll pass in the next few days. I've had plenty of time to process this over the last year, but I guess the actual grieving process is hitting me, with much more tenacity than I expected. Mostly anger. Anger for the relationship that "should" exist between a mother and child. Angry that her last words to me were begging me to accept Jesus in my heart so I won't burn in hell knowing that named wedge is such a "button" to me. Angry for all the things in my life she watched happen. I can forgive her mental illness, I've dealt with it enough myself. She attempted suicide when I was 6 and spent months in the hospital recovering physically, but didn't snap out of her depression until I was in my 30s. Anywho... anybody else dealt with this? (Feeling stuff, might delete later...)
  8. Lunch spot at a jobsite a couple days ago. Feel bad for this turtle. The property owner said she's been around all summer looking that way, don't know what happened to her.
  9. I want to get "dog balls" in Chinese somewhere on me so i can say it means a different thing every time someone asks. Dog Balls is a phrase me and the homies have used for (now actually) decades inspired by this article. https://www.theonion.com/fourth-graders-button-making-machine-privileges-suspend-1819566194
  10. Debbie downer: Leaving on public transit is likely to get po or bomb squad involved anymore, not sure where to avoid that risk. Donating to thrift store?
  11. What could be more pro-nuclear family than incest? It's royal AF, who was fucking amongst Adam, eve, and their kiddos? (Hint, it's all bullshit)
  12. Smash. And dealt with that today on two three gang boxes that looked fucking horrendous. I called the electrician who had been at the house previously with a "wtf dude, you're better than this" when the homeowner walks in talking about how proud he was of installing the switches he found on amazon.com (emphasis on dot com was strange)
  13. Yeah, second wife. This could be a whole thread for sure. I didn't ever plan on being married again. Ultimately did it for reasons of feeling secure in our home-ownership, bills, savings, etc in case of illness, injury or death of the other. Just had our 5th year of marriage anniversary, though we only celebrate our regular first date anniversary which is 8.5 years. It's good, though neither of us are convinced monogamy is the ticket (also a whole 'nother thread) but that's what it is now. Doug Stanhope has a great bit about marriage being dumb, too lazy to YouTube it for the oontz, but basically, " we have a great relationship; let's get the state involved!"
  14. Also, fuck sunburn. Fuck.
  15. Hardee's doesn't have waffle fries. Fuck Hardee's. At least in NC they don't.
  16. That color... that cheese is gonna be perfect
  17. I saw Regina Spektor at that theater. Black Keys, too, i think. Ex wife music..
  18. And if that doesn't work multitool and a carbide blade, a Sawzall, or a framing hammer and beat the fuck out of it, similar to that hammer video in First
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