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  1. That's shitty to hear, man. I feel the boom is finally bustin'. I'm nervous for what spring/summer is gonna be like. Trying to grab the OT now cause it may disappear...
  2. God's front door. Cuntulonymphus
  3. This dude had a dachshund with glitter rainbow painted nails.
  4. I would like to work "you're a formulate pickle pauper" into casual conversation.
  5. Our culture is not your costume! Lololollolilolololol. https://www.playmobil.us/duopack-policeman-and-street-artist/70822.html Not gonna lie. I'm ordering one.
  6. I give up on embedding tiktoks
  7. Gamblers started shooping these things a few years back and they keep getting picked up by various ends of the internet as real. Quite amusing.
  8. Palm Springs. Surprisingly great. I would recommend. Groundhog Day ish.
  9. For your corn hole.
  10. From a probability standpoint, that line of thought is likely.
  11. Fleishman Is in Trouble. Very good writing. Would recommend.
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