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  1. Back when I was on the ejaculoid I shot myself in the face a few times. With great power comes great responsibility to aim your dong like it were a real firearm.
  2. Good thread. I actually didn't hate myself for what I said. Lots of these older ones I just shake my head and hang it in shame...
  3. It looks like a less greasy little Caesars. I'm guessing it's pricepoint is a fair bit higher than $6, though.
  4. I've never taken a boner pill. I've taken jizz volumizer, but not a little blue pill
  5. I've got a few red onions in my raised beds now, as well as some chives I've been growing for about four years now. I'd like to have one just dedicated to alliums eventually, but you know, time and money and space...
  6. Umm, so how do we know who you are to know it's actually a safe space? Sounds like a honey trap to me. I don't see it getting any traffic unless you promise us that your boobie gif threads outnumber ours.
  7. Yeah, sister was legit. They got naked, fucked to completion, and redressed in 5 minutes.
  8. That was surprisingly entertaining
  9. Where is cat face these days? She had a buttocks of glory.
  10. The bullshit to dollars ratio at my job is ever heavier with the bullshit....
  11. Fist 666


    @Mercer. Thanks. I needed a laugh today.
  12. Fist 666


    Squirrel King?
  13. Max Power is a classic option. I had a Lieutenant Powers whom we all called "Special Powers," a nickname which he hated. I was glad I didn't deploy with him, dumbass Def woulda got people killed.
  14. No. 1 and the powerball is like $5 I think. In case any of you were wondering, I didn't win shit.
  15. Twice in a year. FUCK dog cancer.
  16. Is that what fanny packs have been for this whole time? Man, I feel left out.
  17. When a friend of mine was pregnant we started referring to the baby as Gary without knowing the sex; found out it was a girl, kept calling it Gary.
  18. I buy two packs of milwaukee tapes with some regularity due to their disappearing nature.
  19. I got out of bed. That's a start, right?
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