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  1. @Dark_Knight I just had my first colonoscopy/endoscopy 2 weeks ago, I didn't get fentanyl. Dude just asked what the weather was like outside that morning, then I was in the recovery room with my wife. /nochannelzero
  2. My assumption is it's more about people getting fentanyl that do not want it. I know two people here who have wound up in the hospital for getting fentanyl in other drugs (coke and mdma). There seems to be a fear that fentanyl is being laced into everything. I've heard claims people have gotten it in weed.
  3. I use 14' and 16' step ladders fairly frequently hanging chandeliers and what not. I'm somewhat safety minded, but if I can stand on top of the 16' for 5 minutes to get the light up INSTEAD of spending 30 minutes stacking 3 bucks of scaffolding (let alone load/unload time on that shit) I'm all over it. Hopefully I don't fuck that up anytime soon. Highest extension I've ever used was a 48' stretched up to 40' in this stupid ass mansion ceiling. The height wasn't so bad, but the act of getting the thing back down with only two of us in a furnished home was terrifying. I actively work on the opposite side of the house when I see gutter guys (usually Latin of some sort around here) bungee cord (not even tie downs) a couple 28's together to reach the third story on the back side of a slope. I am not trying to see that shit fail.
  4. They've got to fund the thing somehow? These women aren't just donating their bosoms to you perverts.
  5. I appreciate the lack of red with white fuzzy trimmed stuff. If a real life broad wore some Santa themed lingerie I would be less aroused than if she was just wearing $5 target panties and a sports bra...
  6. Bump. I hadn't checked these since the 8th. Today's are neat, maybe my favorites thus far.
  7. If you live in a union state you can make a lot more than $30/hr. Seattle area ibew is around $60, talked to a dude who moved down from Boston and said it was around $50 there. I'm in a definitive anti-union state so my wages are half that. My cost of living compared to most of those cities/union places is also a lot lower so I'm doing fine. Plumbers and hvac both make more than sparkies around here. Hvac dudes bleed a lot, plumbers deal with human feces, and electricians get zapped every once in a while. You pick your battles.
  8. Also, some people call those testers "suicide sticks" for what it's worth. False positives are real common, false negatives happen sometimes, too. Had one this morning (ended up being only 28.8 volts [fucking vantage] but wasn't expecting it). Just turn the breakers off and you'll be fine, or use yuck's method. When I can't figure out what goddamn circuit a receptacle is on that's what I do.
  9. You need new wire. The box that currently has your hot electricity feed in it is full. If you make the old box twice as big you will have room to feed the new box. The new wire will come from the old box (made into a double size.) The old box will have two receptacles, or four places to plug into. Small wire carries small load. Bigger wire carries bigger loads. There are two sizes of wire in that old box, so your breaker needs to match the small sized wire. A 15 amp breaker is what should feed this circuit. If it is a 20a it is wrong. And you need 14/2, not 14/3.
  10. It looks like there is 14g and 12g wire under those nuts. Make sure the breaker serving that receptacle is a 15a, not a 20a breaker. (My house is the same way--early romex all had white jackets, in the early 00s they became color coded, so home depot special handymen matched wire size by jacket color and tied smaller [cheaper] wire into larger circuits. I wish manufacturers had chosen 10g to be white jacketed then this problem wouldnt exist...) And as that box is full, you could make it into a 2 gang box quite easily.
  11. True, been rocking a shaved head for well over a decade now, so I don't know, but it's unlikely. TPBM is getting a Christmas bonus
  12. Hey, it can't be worse than this year (I hope). True. TPBM already has resolutions planned for 2023.
  13. Because they fucking hurt.
  14. This will be a movie I watch some weekend my wife has a training. She'll get home and ask what I did instead of honey-do projects. Then I'll respond that I wasted the afternoon...
  15. Tattoos are dumb. So glad to be almost done with my back (1 session left) , there was definitely a point where I wondered if I'd finish this fucking thing.
  16. Lol. Has @edogg checked in on the last couple years? Def, not her, but that shit is awful
  17. Motherfuckers talking shit on the highlife? (A few years old, done by Natasha Bertram)
  18. Back when I was on the ejaculoid I shot myself in the face a few times. With great power comes great responsibility to aim your dong like it were a real firearm.
  19. Good thread. I actually didn't hate myself for what I said. Lots of these older ones I just shake my head and hang it in shame...
  20. It looks like a less greasy little Caesars. I'm guessing it's pricepoint is a fair bit higher than $6, though.
  21. I've never taken a boner pill. I've taken jizz volumizer, but not a little blue pill
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