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  1. Uh, you fit your pants IN your boots, derr. PSA: googling "men in tights" is not as specific a phrase as I wanted it to be for image searching...
  2. Totally... If you're blanching anything 'til its soft as my dick, you're blanching it too long and/or you're not hitting the ice bath when you're done allowing to continue cooking. Either way, doing it wrong. Again, broccoli has its place on pizza, but the previous example belongs on a salad bar. (note: the quotes are from the first four recipes that pop up from google and call for florets, not full body broccoli)
  3. I'm not a regular in this thread, but I am a fan of pizza. Not Chicago. Not Detroit. Thin crust woodfired is the pinnacle, almost anything can be good on the right crust, even salad. But the one your mother just posted is likely to end up soggy with stringy bites. Unless that broccoli was blanched it won't have time to cook before the crust is burned up. Looking closer at the pics that broccoli looks raw while the (assuming) mozz has already melted. It's pretty, but no way with those ratios will that be a good eat. Should have roasted the broccoli first, then thrown it on the pie before baking that way you can get some color on the cheese and crust.
  4. That crust is pale as fuck. Looks like it ain't even seen the oven yet. Toppings look nice, though.
  5. I've started adding -x to other cultures just to irritate them. I work with a ton of russian/Ukrainian/Moldovan dudes and refer to them as slav-x. It amuses me.
  6. He is not here and he hasn't posted on IG in a few years, but I believe he still tattoos out of the same shop @sarcasm
  7. /\/\/\ whatever reaction is closest to "Jesus fucking christ I hate being alive in this era" is Edit cause whisky
  8. I floss all of like 4x a year when I get beef jerky stuck in my teeth. I also haven't been to the dentist in about 7 years. I do use a fancy electric toothbrush 2x a day and mouthwash as well. YOLO.
  9. I'm not mad at you, I fully understand. It's through a history of thinking I could do it myself that I've come to terms with the fact that I don't fuck with plumbing.
  10. This is incredible. I will always link the word "dump truck to Clayton bigsby, which adds a couple extra lols.
  11. I'm a firm believer in paying plumbers to plumb.
  12. Chinese privet. I was going to act like I knew that, but I was going to guess white lilac, but then I searched via Google lens. That shit is nuts.
  13. Related, I'm a big fan of the phrase "dump em out." My wife is not.
  14. Yeah, those were stupid fucking times and drove a lot of people away, myself included.
  15. I feel dumber for having googled and then read about this Ezra Miller character. Humans are capable of such greatness, and then there's all that shit...
  16. I was so disappointed by The French Dispatch. Every punchline can be found in his previous work, other than Benicio it was just the same people playing the same people with a perfect pair of knockers thrown in to distract me from the facts that other than the set, the movie was not good.
  17. True. Dad bod without the excuse of kids. tpBM owns their daily driver vehicle outright.
  18. Anybody remember what first gen mod banned all of Australia for a while? Abracadabra or hesh I think.
  19. It turns out to be "vanilla and sandalwood." I thought it smelled like hot wax and freezer burned ice cream when lit.
  20. That's not the guy from family matters?
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