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  1. I got out of bed. That's a start, right?
  2. Banshees of Inisherin. Loved In Bruges and had very high hopes, ultimately felt bored and left unsure if I'd liked it or not.
  3. Of six tickets purchased, all with random numbers, I matched ZERO numbers. Will I try again for the 1.9B.... probably
  4. I bought 6 with power plays cause I had $18 cash. Me and all my family will be debt free, buy more land. Most importantly, I'll quit my fucking job. I've never bought a powerball ticket before and have only spent probably $60 in my whole life on scratchers. I don't think I'll win, but it feels good to feed a daydream...
  5. Who is playing? What are gonna buy?
  6. My wife went as peg bundy for Halloween and I suggested she go buy a harness and comically long strap on to be PEG Bundy, but she wasn't on board. Sad face.
  7. You know this is complete and utter nonsense, right? Your stringing together of pop culture, grade school philosophy, transcendental gimmicks, and miscellaneous other bullshit doesn't make you wise or even interesting. It reads like Joe Rogan, Deepak Chopra, and Gwyneth Paltrow gangbanged a VHS Matrix trilogy. Or like this https://sebpearce.com/bullshit/ spit out your personal ethos. Once in a while you stumble upon some interesting wordplay, but you most certainly have homophobic tendencies and homophobic language scattered across many of your recent ramblings. For someone so enlightened and loving you sure are hung up on some trivia. Imo, go find a psychologist and get some personality tests done. Every vibe I get from you is narcissistic, schizophrenic, probably bipolar, and maybe borderline. There are medications that can help you. We can work on your intolerance later, in the mean time you need to do some serious work with a therapist. Good luck.
  8. I am in no way involved with the 1% lifestyle. I have been to several parties hosted by both HA and Bandidos. I want different things from life than they do, but they most certainly have fun. It surprises me that anyone involved with the Graff n Dance lifestyle would talk shit on full time criminals with the aforementioned concerns of op.
  9. You're hung up on some homophobic nonsense that spreads throughout the whole list which negates any merit the other points may have had.
  10. He's not, there's a RIP AYEBEE thread somewhere in the last few pages.
  11. Making dinner and getting ready for a Halloween party
  12. Just fucking go buy them. I found them at Ace Hardware. I assume gas stations and Walmart carries them.
  13. Fucking a. These are next level.
  14. Being crushed to death in a crowd is one of the worst ways I can think of going.
  15. I'm a bit nervous, but the reviews have been rave. The last book he released seems to have been revised by history as "an adapted screenplay" (not a book?) for The Counselor, which was just straight trash.
  16. EJACULOID. I actually brought up using those again to my wife and she is absolutely not interested. I may surprise her...
  17. It's my favorite. Cumin, coriander, cayenne, and garlic are my most used seasonings by far. Oregano a little lower on the list. Love it in dry rubs, wet rubs, etc. My mother always pronounced it "cummin," and my little brother and I would giggle everytime...
  18. Brawny's not man enough to handle these Peter North five ropers.
  19. And to clarify: if the Johns had the urinal in tact and the lid would close, I would opt for that, busting on turds wasn't the goal, just to be clear. What's up @Toiletseat , glad to see youre still around to share your wisdom.
  20. If I bust in or on my wife we have nice soft washcloths in the nightstand for clean up. If I'm beating the bishop I typically bust on a paper towel and toss it in the trash. (Bounty select a size). When I was deployed the only place for privacy was in the 100⁰+ portajohns, so I learned how to jack off onto piles of shit watching porn on an ipod with headphones. I use this example to explain the difference between us to a woman who thinks her sex drive compares. Adapt and overcum.
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