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  1. I disagree. I bet she's an "alt model" who bathed within 12 hours of the photo. Every bit of that is staged. Not enough bruises, scabs, or in grown hairs to be legit hillbilly meth head.
  2. My assumption is that the milk truck is bagged and can adjust its ride and park height.
  3. Code has its place, but a lot of the required receptacles are headaches and fights with homeowners because they are getting shit they don't want and will truly never use. (FYI I am a residential electrician, 90% new construction, usually golf course gated community mansions. Though I've been on my first spec house in a couple years this week and have been loving it, so fucking easy to lay out.)
  4. Looks good. But: unless there is a receptacle to the right out of shot you are short a receptacle. You could place one in the middle to Serve both, but one can't serve both across a bowl. Don't know your inspector, but I've seen it called here in NC.
  5. Uhh, clearly you've missed the lego rehashing of the Galsxy Explorer. This thing is fire.
  6. Amigo the Devil merch and some beers last night. Great show.
  7. Fist 666


    That is some next level shit. Holy fuck. I don't think he's joking/trolling/faking.
  8. Floor receptacle not an option? (Crawl space or basement?)
  9. I don't see a receptacle within six feet of that wall break at the right... or is that in the closet?
  10. Longest is with my wife, right at 8.5 years. Had a couple earlier in life that lasted for about 3 years each. Plenty of hot and fast train wrecks in between those.
  11. I don't know if I am more or less confused now.
  12. I mean, I'm sure she wants to listen to fleet foxes or something equally boring (probably canadian) while we fuck, but whatever. I'm game.
  13. Seems like obvious smash to me...
  14. I wish MOEs was better at what they do. I wish there was better than passable Mexican food in Asheville...
  15. Gas and a couple monsters. Fucking exhausted. Yay overtime? Got a new raise and it looks nice on the paycheck, but my body wants to fuck right off about this shift...
  16. Suffering. Ate too much at a new Mexican spot and then ate dessert, too. Hopefully I pass out soon.
  17. Some people just want to watch the world burn. But seriously, what the fuck?
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