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  1. good book. when i was a tot i hated it because it scared me wit thoes pic's heh.
  2. gunna have to drain your balls anyway. but i feel ya on the but'erface
  3. i have 4 cats. one died about 2 weeks ago. i also have 2 huge ass dogs and a lil weiner dog. might post flicks when i get some things developed. i have no money
  4. why u postin shit from Montréal in a louisville ky thred?
  5. party sounds out of control... i love it
  6. im having to quit for the same reason as you my friend. my girlfriend and i get into fights when i drink. i cant smoke pot because i feel gross when i do now after being off of it for 7months thanx to the court. drinking was a way to get folded with out smoking. and pills and coke never were any real "cool" thing to me, so fuck thoes things. i realized not to long ago that i get REALLY depressed when im clean. i have tried to kill myself, and i have done some other fucked up shit to my self, but i got help. rehab was the right choice for me. im not saying its good for everybody tho. it just opend my eyes to things. good luck to you Dirty habit. i wish you the best of luck, because i know how hard it is. just dont end up losing your girlfriend, or your family. its all your really got when you take everything else away. my 2cents. peace
  7. Jurassic Jointmaster no.
  8. who ever posted that nasty shit on page 104 is fucked up and should be banned.
  9. your point... i dont think cops are going to "up the look out" for graff writers. they are not very good anyway at catching us. im not to worried about it. just NOBODY BLOW UP SPOTS! AND GIVE OUT NAMES. only 2 things im worried about, and the only reason i have to be worried is that there are alot ALOT of toys in this town now that would not think twice to givin up names. so a word to the wise... dont tell ur name to that kid you were talkin to at the skate park, or at school.
  10. fuck notes. putting things on paper like that is not smart because it can come back to bite you in the ass... like it did to this kid. i really hope some how he see's this thred.
  11. well they are some of the older nfc writers but wit different names. so u probibly have seen them weather u know it or not. so just sit back and i will try to hook up some flicks. i wish i was in a postion to take part in the Bomb Louisville 05'
  12. NFC CREW 05' -barb -kasm -nora -dobe -rask nobody owns a camera though is what i was told. if i see some of there shit i will flick it.
  13. :sigggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh:
  14. i would have to say OLD dave matthews band. the song "crash" or "say goodbye"
  15. i was glad to see some when on the last page. i hope i get to see him in cinci this year...
  16. ask him to hang out wit you and your boys one night and smoke some herb.
  17. this reminds me that i needa get to the store to get some HUMEN condoms.
  18. i got new shoes for spring, and im getting a hot tub for my new deck friday.
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