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  2. damn....sorry i kno this is late but i havent been on here in a while. anywayz respond,jose,mega.... wait what ever happened to jose? well anywayz props to which ever dumb fuck did the roller looks good! keep it up.i think that guy that wrote cine was on there too well im just blabbing so i'll quit bye bye now...i'll have some photographs momentarily. NO FAT CHICKS!
  3. ^^^i kno someone has a better flick
  4. my girlfriend just recently started smoking again after huge fight just to make me mad cuz she knows how much i hate that. even though i tell her that i have lost alot of family members to that shit she just says im tryin to make her feel bad and its not gonna work! i dunno i hate smoking though
  5. hermdogs forcast is approved by american meteorlogy socioty
  6. yeah i know we been down for a while now.....its not a battle against each other its just a battle for everyone! well here are some flicks i went and took today they suck balls but im not gonna make excuses i suck but hopfuly this battle will make me better sooo holler!!!!!!!! Famous Recipe Chicken
  7. why wait till april lets start now! but u gotta take flicks so u have proof of how many u did.no chill spots or frieghts.this will be a good way to get our louisvilles graf scene back together.throws and pieces. whats up for grabs? knowin im gonna lose any way.....
  8. well since i almost have no where near 1000 posts and it feals good out side here in kentucky i dont know what to think
  9. shit you know im always down to lose a battle... i wanna get served!
  10. i think im the only person in the world that doesnt own an mp3 player.... i just dont have enough roon left on my computer
  11. .................. i take it somebody doesnt like coup
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