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  1. that is on point. i would like to jump out and kill things tho
  2. i think DC++ would be kool if i knew how to use it. somebody post up the link for slsek. i needa re-install it
  3. That little trailer. Made me want to go paint. But I don’t think I will have cops shooting at my ass. The grafix in the little city are dope though. I wish it wasn’t graffiti based. And how many of us have ever rappelled while doing a roller... I haven’t.
  4. i feelin that last mark appleyard tre' flip noseslide. thats from really sorry! good video.
  6. pot befor liquer... beer however, i enjoy
  7. my girl says she hates it when i slouch. i dont care, im comfertable...
  8. it rained here, its sunny now. i think ima start the day off drinkin... its only 2pm. am i an alcoholic? fuck it that what i say.
  9. best thing i have read all day! :haha:
  10. this is getting intresting...
  11. i got the flcik wit a coupe on one of thoes signs ^
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