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  1. this is for all my posts that had no flicks on them...
  2. to cold... its fuckin snowing. 4 20
  3. i wish i knew what to say... PAGE 9
  4. i got more flicks around my comp some where. i'll post then i can.
  5. i have talked to juke a few times. and i painted wit him befor he was juke. but what beef are you all speaking of? as far as i know he never went over anybody. but yes... he is a toy, but its better then talkin internet shit. at least he is TRYING to put in work around here... he is also not hittin spots where its a big deal. just like dirtys and shit.
  6. aesop dyne and karma coupe (taken from another thred) coupe (this is a classic) jose (dono if he still writes) yea... all for now.
  7. there is a break on there to holms... i just was to lazy to name them all. but u did it for me.
  8. when, from scribble jam last year. bombed... gems break, and coupe (might have been posted. for all the cats that been postin up!
  9. fuck that Ore1 guy... i thought he got arrested.
  10. yea i'll DYNE in on this one...
  11. louisville ky, wow. another thred. i seen this cat up on a billboard off 64 i think commin from downtown. anybody got flicks of that? nice flicks by the way! MABY this town will get a scene one day... might have some flicks when i get home.
  12. happens tease man. just try again or trouble shoot get at me once u got it workin
  13. im down 1st of the year game! who's up tag = Thats Dro
  14. xbox live HALO2 i know there was a xbox live thred somewhere. but who is up for some halo2? lets get a 12oz. game goin.
  15. my friends lil sis wants my dick... i think it would be funny to be like "hey man, your sis gives good head" thats just my thought though. good luck wit court!
  16. you are worth exactly $1,681,018.00 mmk...
  17. Im Broke


    i have smoked a few good cigars with my dad and his friends. my grandpa got me into it first though. im not sure what i have and have not smoked but my fav. so far is a swisher sweet strawberry with "non tobacco ingredients" in it ;)
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