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  1. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ok... well we know philly sik is white now. because of this flick. so stop useing "nigga" because thats just not right. and i really dont find your style that... "creative". but you can get up. and i will have to give you that. now back to louisville please...
  2. he should give me one of his 4 balls because i only got one.
  3. im feelin that AVON bite of AMOR's hand style... good flicks tho
  4. Im Broke


    i was chillin at my boys crib one night and there was a robbery about 4 houses down. the robber got out of the house but only made it a few feet befor being tackled by some crazy dude. this dude who tackled the robber was like 100lbs. bigger than the robber and the robber got the shit beatin out of him. it was crazy. there were gun shots and screams and i was really drunk and stumbled out of the house to see the street full of cops. that almost killed my buzz.
  5. NOT ANOTHER PAGE!!! seen it all... kids in louisville need to get there dick out there hand and grab a can. fuck... :hatred: MODS... PLEASE CLOSE THIS
  6. i hate that ore1 guy. he is a bitch. why would he want that shit posted. he should do that character on a wall or somethin. :rolleyes:
  7. i think i got some kam and drat flicks, or flick. heh
  8. this is a lil better flcik. thanx to (insert name here) who got this.
  9. graffiti is not all about beefin wit people. expecially if its 2 toys goin over eachother. that shit is played the fuck out. we cant be havin beef in louisville anyway. if anybody hasent noticed... the scene is dead. we dont even have a scene. why not cover more shit insted of covering others. and i dont care who went over who. because most of the time its on accedent. but i guess toys will be toys... i got some flicks to compensate for the lil talk i just gave yall. i know colt45 is not from louisville... but he is good as hell.
  10. lets not be to quick to close here... we need to give louisville at least 2 months to start bombin agian. if this thred becomes a full page of shit talk tho, i say close...
  11. more from iheartfr8s aktr and when (stolen)
  12. from iheartfr8s my fav. site ever...
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