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  1. i swear i seen him on that Justice League show
  2. "sometimes" - britney spears
  3. i completly agree. seems like all the toys like this city because when they throw there shit up on the walls you cant tell a difference in shittyness. it looks bad with the toy ass bombs on it and even with out its shit. dont get me wrong. this city could look nice. i think its just the people in it. with there pain in the ass attitudes. i was gunna give props to F.o.s. crue for that roller. but any dick head can do a roller on a chill wall. and for side bustin and goin over jager i hope you all get crossed out. as far as im concerned this thred can be closed, and louisville will never have a scene again as long as the toys got paint in there mits. fuck this thred. hate on. :king:
  4. that held my boredness off for a few min. thanks MLTf
  5. im not cool enough to go out side and show my face. i might go paint tho (at night so people cant see me)
  6. "said she needed a sweetie, dident know i was the type to do her name is graffiti" -doom
  7. his bandana is red in the rear view... but blue on his head.
  8. page 25 para, way to go holms.
  9. i like the etch idea. just dont put that shit in your sock when the pigs roll up. check out the philly thred to see what damage that shit does to your foot... ouch.
  10. http://www.shibumi.org/eoti.htm click it. i just found it. thought i would share.
  11. i went to a show not to long ago that was Atreyu (best band i have found so far like them alot) Unearth Norma Gean if anybody has some dope hardcore shit and ur on slsek PM me wit ur username or if ur on AIM and u can send me some shit leave ur s/n it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. blah blah blah... we need a thred where all the 12ozers can bitch about how bad there life is or bitch about how shitty there day was or what ever is on there mind. kind of a way to blow off some steam.
  13. fuck japanese porn. shesh.
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