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  1. This girl is probably one of the top 15 looking girls on tv.
  2. Isn't the source a black magazine made by some white guy? Go figure.
  3. I got some reinforcements*, now im ready.
  4. LoL, thats not fair, the guy has a club... all I have is my measly shovel :(
  5. Whats that? You want to suck my cock?... Fucking homo, why don't you go ask your mom to buy you a new Benz then go chill with your homeboyzz smoke a B and complain 'bout how bad life is fukin' ya over. Thereafter, go watch teh new WIgger Fox hit Johnny Zero and his wigger sidekick so you can become just like them.
  6. My sharp-shooter qualification states otherwise along with my Force Reconissance training.
  7. Oh gee, what did i do! I hit a wiggers nerve! You can tlak shit to me and think that you can beat my ass, facts stick A. you're a fucking child B. I can kill you.
  8. WWF is just the reflection of the American kids stupidity. I seen a commerical for it once, some fucking wigger motherfucker was doing stupid shit- guess what, that appeals to 95.9% of the dumbshit kids in America. Fucking retarded. Whilst im on the issue, that one fucking fox show is retarded too, johnny zero or some bullshit and his fucking sidekick, im tired of seeing Johnny Crack motherfuckers all over the fucking place. Get shot.
  9. Thats bullshit, the church is racist... there will never be a black pope, the majority of those idiots think Jesus was white... hey dumbass, go to Jerusalem and tell me how many white people you see, not to mention that Jerusalem before was not even close to what it is today... white Europeans didnt start coming there till there was shit to* steal.
  10. I constantly dream weird shit, the most reocurring dreams are the ones in which im facing an enemy which i can't kill, so I sit there shooting him with a gun and he doesn't die... Ive been in situations like that so I guess it comes back to haunt me, oh well.
  11. Entertainment wrestling is one of the gayest and stupidest things on TV. You must be one of those 17 year olds with the WWF shirt on talking to people about how wrestling is real.
  12. Twiztid is ok but you're a fucking retard.
  13. In the past 200 year empires fell in a year or less. Don't forget that back then NUKES weren't invented... this country won't fall, if anything the world will fall.
  14. You know whats funny about this post... throughout Europe where people have shitty paying jobs, gas is roughly 4-5-6 dollars a gallon.
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