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  1. im sitting here reading this thred and the music stopped on my ipod and i hear the wind blowing threw the trees like its going to rain and i look out the window and there is no wind... pcp got me trippin. ohh yea. i hate AIM because there is some virus going around and ppl send me these gay links to the virus and it pisses me off b/c they dont know they are doing it and they cant help it and they are to stupid to get the patch and fix the virus. blahhh water mmmmm...
  2. thursday sucked so here is friday, saterday, and sunday fri... -sleep -keep heat and ice on my arm because i fucked it up throwin baseballs -might go chill wit the boys -paint? sat... -wake up at like 12 and get ready to go to the gym -try to do somthing cool, and fun. -paint? -get drunk sun... -might get to sleep, or i might have to work. -wow, i hate sundays they are boring -12oz. -get cigarettes
  3. be like Move........Get out the way, cuz I move bricks, get out the yay, and its 2 clips, I get out the play, fo a few chips, I get out n spray, its more then shrimps, its whores and pimps, the difference in our crimes, yours attempts, attempt burglary, attempt theft you just begun, Im grand theft auto, rackets here, larceny, conspiracy, murder one, electric chair I dont deserve the fun, but I get the dough, shit I might splurger one, now I know alotta styles, some see, but listen, stop it child its a done dee, I come to ya block, stop and style its that one vee, gators straight from Crocodile Dundee, no rubber sold, hardwood bastard, fitted, legitted, hardwood classic... leave me alown prt 2 jeaaahhhhhhhh
  4. coupe aktr sever destn great post, keep um commin!
  5. i skate, but this is not the time or the place.
  6. the poor have nothing to lose. if we kill a rich dude just to get high one night we are happy even if it means goin to jail for a while. at least in jail you get hot meals and a place to sleep
  7. black metal woh hoo! ROAHHHHH :hard core scream:
  8. europe. any place but the U.S. im gettin out of the Unites States as soon as i can.
  9. if i had paint right now i would shuv it up your rookie ass tagger137. now everybody cant have a laughola on this fool. Meroes get em'
  10. smoke a blunt, make sure im with friends i can trust, make sure i talked to my girl that day.
  11. the bum bum song. because i hate tom green and bush.
  12. he use to be a nazi... but deserted. so think what you want to.
  13. im looking to be a phycologist, a toxacologest, or a docter. im not sure what field i will go into if i decide on a docter, but my grandfather was one and i think it would probibly be intresting. maby i will just work at McDonolds. edit: cant spell
  14. Dear broke, dont go to the movies wit ian, garrett, and daniel. even if you end up going do not go over steak and shake then walk back. your love is going to come back to you. treat her well this time. it will pay off ;) . next i want to say dont play baseball. no matter how good it seems. keep skating, paint ALOT MORE. never get that job at pizza magia. but above all... DONT MOVE OUT OF THE CITY!!!! YOUR LIFE WILL FOREVER BE HORRABLY CHANGED AND YOU WILL LOSE YOUR BEST FRIENDS. fuck you. should have killed yourself when you had the gun to your head last time, and the note written. dont listen to joe, pull it. not worth the time... -your self fool.
  15. i smoke bud. but not like a "cool" thing to do. its more of a hobbie. im not smoking today tho. just because everybody is thinking i will, fuck them
  16. im going to be out there at midnigh. i think it would be funny to go and get flciks and smoke some bud then see the movie.
  17. doom3 and halo2 for xbox. fuck sony edit: if it waent for microsoft i would still say nintendo for life.
  18. it aint a crime to be a WEAK NIGGUH bump :king:
  19. Im Broke


    its not natural i kno that. heh
  20. cant say i listen to icp... AT ALL congradulations tho on making the nicest opening statement and not offending anybody right off the bat. cept, black people. :rolleyes:
  21. are you serious? white castles my friend... white castles ;)
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